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Everyone needs a cheerleader

Karen Lee Editor Published on 31 May 2019

My oldest daughter decided to take her fledgling softball career to the next level this year by joining the traveling team for her age group. In doing so, she will be hanging out with girls from different grades and different schools.

She was a little apprehensive about it heading into the first team practice. Luckily, there were three girls she did know, and right away, they partnered off together.



During the 90 minutes of batting, catching and fielding drills, each one separated from their small group and got to know more members of the team.

They finished practice with running the bases. The coach split the team into two groups, with half at home plate and the other half at second. They were going to do a relay race and see which group ended first. It was cold, and everyone was exhausted.

Neither team established a solid order for the relay – just however they happened to line up. My daughter’s team had one of the younger players as an anchor, and she didn’t have the same speed as others on the team, especially compared to the speedy runner who anchored the other team.

As she was looking tired and discouraged trying to make it back to her plate, I had the proudest mom moment of the night. I heard my daughter call out to cheer her on.

She saw a friend in need – someone who could use a little extra pick-me-up to get to the end. So she abandoned all of her apprehension that evening and let out a big cheer. What a difference that made for the runner, who then picked up her pace for the final stretch.


As hokey as it may sound, we all need a cheerleader from time to time. It can be discouraging to work all day and not be recognized for your efforts.

Not only that, there are people and organizations that continuously attack dairy farming and dairy products. Plus, after many months of trade and food guide issues, it is only natural to feel tired and dispirited.

Fortunately, there is a designated time of year set aside to celebrate dairy, and that time is now. World Milk Day and June Dairy Month are upon us, and there’s no better time to let out a good cheer.

Whether you raise a glass of milk, give out a shout for other delicious dairy products, personally share what you are doing with a nonfarming community member, pat your employee on the back to say thanks for doing all they do, or commend your dairy farmer neighbour who is also working hard every day, you can find a way to give yourself and the industry a boost this month.

It usually doesn’t take much effort once you put aside any apprehensions, and I think you’ll quickly see how it can add a little spring in someone else’s step.

The dairy industry is one giant team. By lifting up each other in a time of need, the entire team is more likely to succeed.


So, in honour of this special time of year, cheers to you and your countless efforts in caring for cattle, being a steward of the land and producing high-quality, nutritious products for all to enjoy.  end mark

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