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Like most of the world, I spent most of last month with my eyes on the Olympic games in London. I made a point to watch the sports I love and even spent some time watching those I rarely see or perhaps hadn’t seen before.

What struck me the most were the sports like gymnastic vaulting, diving or short distance track and field events where the athlete has about 30 seconds or less to give it their all.

For some, their one moment to shine was all of 6.2 seconds. The years of training, sacrifices, daily workouts and proper nutrition came down to just one single performance that resulted in victory for some and defeat for others.

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One of my daughter’s favourite cartoons is “Dora the Explorer.” At the end of the show, Dora and her monkey pal, Boots, sing a song.

Proud to have finished their task of the day and traveling to their three locations, the duo repeatedly sing the words: “We did it.”

That portion of the show is really resonating with me at the moment because I have a couple of reasons to stand up and shout, “We did it!”

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It has become a nightly game in my farmhouse to “get the bugs.” My 2-year-old serves as the bug spotter while myself or my husband is the bug squasher.

In the game, my daughter points and exclaims, “Bug! Bug!” until we see the fly and go after it. She then usually lets us know whether or not we were successful – even though she’s not always accurate in her proclamation.

Many of you are probably dealing with a similar situation in your homes and worse yet out in the barnyard. With the mild winter experienced by many, entomologists are stating bug populations are expected to be higher this year than most.

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The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the world is green again. Springtime is the perfect time to throw those barn doors open – but not just to make milking more pleasant.

While attending a presentation analyzing society’s changing perception of agriculture, I heard a producer ask, “What are ways to engage the public?”

With June Dairy Month just around the corner, now is the time to focus on some promotional efforts. Don’t just leave this task up to the Dairy Farmers of Canada and provincial milk organizations – their message, while very important, can only go so far.

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Most people who know me, know that I really like to plan things. In fact, most days I can get so caught up in what I’m going to do next that I forget what I am doing in the moment.

However, even with all those plans, I find the secret to successful planning is to be able to throw said plan out the window at a moment’s notice.

For instance, I am writing this on a plane to Edmonton, Alberta, from which I’ll be driving down to Red Deer for the Western Canadian Dairy Seminars.

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Back when I was just a rookie reporter I was introduced to a new phrase – “meeting season.” The established journalist that shared the term with me had been through their fair share of meeting seasons, at least 25, I’d say.

At the time, our editorial team was sitting down for one of our semi-annual planning meetings and trying to decide who could go where.

The period from mid-January through the end of March was littered with meetings here, there and every where.

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