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I’ve always enjoyed hearing from readers and therefore I was really excited to hear from our newest admirers after the release of Progressive Dairyman’s first Canadian issue in January.

People told us they were “impressed” with the magazine and that it held “valuable content.” Some of our advertisers told us they had already received phone calls inquiring about their products or services.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. We would love for the dialog to continue. In my mind, if our publication isn’t meeting your needs, then it is our responsibility to improve.

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122110_canlogoIt is with great honour that I introduce you to Progressive Dairyman.

From its beginnings more than 25 years ago, Progressive Dairyman’s founder, Leon Leavitt, designed the publication to provide timely, professional information to dairy farmers in Idaho.

Over the years, Progressive Dairyman has grown in influence, becoming the source of dairy information nationally and securing many loyal readers throughout the U.S., North America and abroad.

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