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Karen Lee for Progressive Dairy Published on 31 October 2019

A comment I often hear is: “I don’t remember signing up for it, but the magazine just keeps coming every month.”

It’s a great comment because it means our circulation department is doing an excellent job identifying dairy producers and allied industry representatives who can benefit from what we have to offer.



However, I want to take a moment to let you know that without a little help from you, your subscription may come to an end. Another comment I hear too often is: “I used to get it – but then it stopped coming.”

We constantly review our mailing lists to keep them current. If we don’t hear from a subscriber for a renewal every few years, they will stop getting a copy of the magazine. When you take a brief moment to renew your subscription, you are letting us know you are interested in the publication and want to keep getting it.

Subscription renewal for our Canadian edition of Progressive Dairy can be done in one of four simple ways:

1. Online: Progressive Dairy - Canada

2. Phone: (800) 320-1424 or (208) 324-7513

3. Fax: (208) 324-1133


4. Mail: Progressive Publishing, P.O. Box 585, Jerome, ID 83338 USA

Check out the special subscription insert between pages 8 and 9 in this issue for the form to use when faxing or mailing.

By completing this step, you renew your free subscription to Progressive Dairy for another two years no matter how much time you currently have left on your subscription.

Forage changes for 2020

Several years ago, many of you began receiving complimentary print subscriptions of our Progressive Forage magazine as well. In efforts to simplify and consolidate the duplication between our dairy and forage subscriptions, we’ve decided to discontinue sending free print subscriptions of Progressive Forage to Canada.

Instead, we have committed to providing more forage-related content in this magazine, Progressive Dairy, each month starting in January. We will select the best, most relevant forage content for Canada from the pages of Progressive Forage and offer it here for you. This will make it a better resource for you and will allow you to focus your valuable time on this single publication.

For anyone who wishes to continue accessing all of the content from Progressive Forage, there are two options for you to consider:


1. A free digital edition notification delivered to your email address each time a new issue is posted on the website (Progressive Forage magazine)

2. A paid print edition option for $40 (U.S. dollars*) per year (11 total issues).

We certainly appreciate you as a reader and hope this not only keeps Progressive Dairy coming to you each month but also offers you a more efficient reading experience. end mark

*Payments can be processed in Canadian dollars using the current exchange rate.

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