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Producer Blog: Do you know the law of entanglement? You probably do!

By Harley Wagenseller Published on 02 June 2021

At the dairy, there are so many intricate parts that it’s easy to have this law entangle your life. What am I talking about? You may remember this law, which states that any object can become entangled with another object without any rhyme or reason.

The only exception is when you want an object to be entangled, such as when you want the knotter on the baler to work properly and get the twine to attach itself to an actual bale, so they become one. Yet, somehow, they refuse to be as one despite your protestations. However, you can put the same spool of twine in the bed of the pick-up, and instantly hammers, tools, 5-gallon buckets, dollops of manure, baby calves, etc. become hopelessly entangled.



You know entanglement happens. It probably happened just last week, didn’t it? Let me give you an example from my life. While stopping at a favourite lunchtime establishment, my keys – including those for the house, barn, lawnmower, padlocks, etc. – fell down in the crack of the booth. Thirty minutes later, they were finally retrieved, after practically dismantling the booth.

Another common one is the wash hose in the milkhouse. You need 50 feet, and at 45 feet you snag the hose on that old bolt underneath the new bulk tank, or that mysterious piece of concrete that materializes out of thin air. My favourite – how did that hose get an improbable knot? Of course, the other issue that arises is that the hose will unkink and spray you directly in the face, especially should friends be there to witness such face spraying! The universe has a sense of humour, does it not?

Another example deals with the ability of objects to get entangled when it should be physically impossible, like drive chains on the combine.

Yet another way this law comes into play is when you are rebuilding something on the tailgate of the pick-up truck. Then a bolt gets lost, and it’s such a special bolt, no one has one like it. No fear, a month later you find it – at the tire repair shop in your flat tire.

Quite similar to that is when objects put on shelves fall off and end up in some other world, never to be seen again. Seriously, where did it go? Into some void of space and time where objects are never seen again – some kind of fifth dimension, I tell you. Then, a year later, you move a cabinet for some reason and lo and behold, your washer appears.


The law of entanglement: Next time relatives or friends drop by, discuss this law. I’m sure they will come up with more “You’ve got to be kidding me” examples – things that could not have happened according to the laws of physics. The law of entanglement – where the universe keeps you humble and gives you a sense of humour at the same time. end mark

Harley Wagenseller