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0611ca_lee_editorial_1It is hard to believe this is our final issue of 2011. Last year, we introduced our plans for a new Canadian edition at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario.

One year later, we returned to celebrate accomplishments made thus far and announce bigger plans for the future.

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My family has been reading about prayer for a month. Every morning we take a new scripture verse and discuss the power of prayer and the significance it plays in our lives.

I thought I was well-versed in the scriptures and the lessons were just for my teenagers who are discovering their place in society, but I learned some things about prayer that I did not really understand.

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(Setting: Church basement with congregation members sitting around in a circle waiting. Enter ACTRESS playing the part of the never-prepared, always-too-busy person we know in all of our lives. She rushes in and begins to address the group.)

ACTRESS: Hi, I am Sally Put Off A Lot. I have a confession to make. The church preparedness committee asked me six months ago to have a skit for the activity tomorrow, and I said I would, but these last three weeks have been so hectic. I mean with the wind and everything, and the shopping, and summer break, and my schedule being disrupted at every turn.

Every single one of my 250 friends contacted me 45 times on Facebook and I had to send them all a gift. You know how that is, and the wind ... wasn’t that just terrible. I thought the whole town was going to blow away, then I had to sweep dust a foot deep out of my basement!

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0511ca_lee_editorial_1One of my favourite fall pastimes is baking. I could easily spend an entire day in my kitchen whipping up treats for my family.

Part of the reason is because, come September, I miss my kitchen. It is no place to be in the summer, and therefore, I spend as little time in it as possible then and must make up for it in the months to come.

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0312pd_perkins_1This morning I dressed my nearly 2-year-old daughter in a shirt that reads, “I love sunny days.” Yet, out my office window the sky is grey and sprinkles flicker by as I look to the tree bending toward the west with its over-turned leaves.

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