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One of my daughter’s favourite cartoons is “Dora the Explorer.” At the end of the show, Dora and her monkey pal, Boots, sing a song.

Proud to have finished their task of the day and traveling to their three locations, the duo repeatedly sing the words: “We did it.”

That portion of the show is really resonating with me at the moment because I have a couple of reasons to stand up and shout, “We did it!”

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I just printed the first draft of the La Grand Tenney history book that I have been compiling for the last seven years. It contains the life histories of each of my husband, Reg’s, brothers and sisters and their spouses.

It was an ambitious project but every word is worth it. I had to have a cover for the book, so I went through the old photo album in my computer and found the perfect picture to grace the front of the book.

It was a picture of Reg’s parents on their 60th wedding anniversary. She was elegantly dressed in her wedding dress of 60 years ago and he was wearing his nice blue suit.

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The puck was two caps from teat dip drums joined together, but the black electrical tape that covered it lent it a feeling of authenticity. The sticks were sections of stiff plastic piping we tapped on cows’ thurls to head them towards the parlour.

When the last cow on either side of us had a milker on, my father and I squared off in the middle of the pit. We lowered our shoulders, bent our knees and planted our boots against the rubber mat that covered the floor.

The goals were the legs of the steps that lead out of the pit. Often there was trash talk. Then the puck would drop and our sticks would clash with such an intensity that it would send a shiver among the cows milking.

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Friday night I watched Superman the Movie. Superman sailed across the dark sky with the city glittering far below him. He swooped down when he saw a crime and, with precision, he solved the problem. I couldn’t help but wonder how he could solve all the problems around the world.

In the real world, there are crimes happening simultaneously and plots of intrigue brewing everywhere. Impossible! Yes, for Superman, but not for God.

God is omnipotent and omnipresent. In other words, God is all-powerful and all-present. He is infinitely aware of everything and has the power to reach out and stop the eruption of a volcano, turn the night into day and to cause mountains to become valleys.

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When my cousin Jade was born with pretty red locks to brunette parents, the first question asked was regarding the color of the milkman’s hair. It’s not an uncommon joke by any means, nor is it exclusive to farmers.

Nonetheless, I suspect most of the general population sees in their mind’s eye a clean-cut man in a white uniform leaving bottles of milk on the doorstep. The actual job of a milkman, however, is less glamorous.

Farmers always have an opinion of their milkmen – it is a relationship that is seldom ambiguous. A wise producer treats his milkmen well, knowing that when it comes down to it, the milkman has the power to swing the weights 100 pounds either way.

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