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I can’t remember exactly how he had gotten here, which may be a testament to how long he was a common sight on the bank near the barn. Since both my mother and aunt taught life sciences at local schools I can only assume that his origin is from a classroom egg incubation experiment.

If so, I’m sure that Larry and his girl, Sally, were brought to the farm because they had nowhere else to go, under the assumption that they would be in the belly of a coon within days.

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The Garden of Eden was a glorious place. The grass spread like a carpet under Adam and Eve’s feet. They never encountered a thorn or a weed. The fruit and nuts hung from trees in abundance. Adam and Eve only needed to reach up to have their needs met.

The animals were congenial and peaceful. The lion and the lamb had no problem cuddling under the same tree. Bears and bobcats never tangled and snakes and lizards were beautiful creatures.

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Back when I was just a rookie reporter I was introduced to a new phrase – “meeting season.” The established journalist that shared the term with me had been through their fair share of meeting seasons, at least 25, I’d say.

At the time, our editorial team was sitting down for one of our semi-annual planning meetings and trying to decide who could go where.

The period from mid-January through the end of March was littered with meetings here, there and every where.

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The Aran Islands lay off the west coast of Ireland as three small shadows in the haze of Galway Bay. Inis Oírr (pronounced “inish ear”) is not much more than a square mile.

Like the other two islands, it is one of the few remaining gaeltachts where Irish (mistakenly called Gaelic by Americans) is still the primary language.

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0212pd_tenney_1Not long ago, I wrote an article that was perceived as a political ploy and an attack on the Catholic church. I was horrified when I read the critic’s message and realized how I had been so totally misunderstood.

My intention with the article, “Big Endians vs. The Little Endians,” was to bring Christian people together under one label, not to point fingers at any one church, especially the Catholic church.

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