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Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 12 2015

December 1

In the December issue of Progressive Dairyman, Christmas is the issue focus. Articles include "Our Charlie Brown Christmas tree tradition" and "A Christmas never forgotten."

The issue topic is feed, forages and nutrition. Learn how supplementing B vitamins in the dairy diet affects lactating cow performance. Also find out how trace minerals can help a cow's immune system.

Other articles include, "The anti-nutrition factor in dairy cattle" and "Options abound with feeds for robotic milking."

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 11 2015

November 1

In the November issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is women in diary. The issue topics include calf and heifer raising and manure handling.

The women in dairy articles focus on motivation and how one dairywoman used the word "never" as motivation to achieve her life goals. Another article details how you can find the ever-elusive "work-life balance."

The issue topics include the best strategies for calf weaning and whether long-term manure storage is right for your operation.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 10 2015

October 1

In the October issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is A.I. and breeding. Articles include "5 criteria for breeding robot-ready cows" and "The pros and cons of polled genetics."

This issue will also be covering milk quality and parlour management. Learn more tools to detect and prevent mastitis, and learn why lag time matters in milking routines.

Also don't miss the second part to Yevet Tenney's column, "Of broken cisterns."

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 9 2015

September 1

In the September 2015 issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is feed, forages and nutrition. Articles include "What a campfire can teach us about fibre digestion," "Predicting feed intakes with forage and fibre digestibility" and "Get the most value from your corn silage crop."

The issue topics include hoof health and calf and heifer raising. Learn how to feed for better feet, how genetic selection can improve hoof health and how to manage the nutritional needs of heifers.

Also be sure to read "How to manage the data dump from robotic milking systems," and "Three things that will improve employee engagement."

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 8 2015

August 1

In the August issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is the state of the dairy industry. Learn how rising interest rates will impact the Ontario dairy sector and why supply management is better than ever for Canadian farmers.

Also discussed is facility planning and management. Articles include "Create a master plan for modernizing dairy," "Worried about cow health? Look at your floor" and "Cow comfort at calving."

Be sure to check out the other issue topic, dry and transition cows. Learn how B vitamins can help liver health during the transition period and why good fresh cow dry matter intake improves profitability.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 7 2015

July 1

In the July issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is A.I. and breeding. Subjects include breeding for better health, why determining the cycling status of cows matters, and how to achieve better milk production by making heat abatement a priority.

This issue will also cover how to treat dairy cow indigestion and how technology advances can help battle ketosis. Also be sure to read a more personal article, such as "Who am I as a father, founder and farmer?"

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 6 2015

June 1

In the June issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is calf and heifer raising. Article topics include antibiotic use with colostrum replacements, how to make summer more comfortable for calves and weaning. Also be sure to read the article "There is a cost to raising heifers."

The issue topic is milk quality and parlour management. Read about how 10-year-old milking robots aren't acting their age. Learn how to assess your herd's risk for mastitis and how to prevent and treat it.

Also be sure to check out the equipment articles, including "Keep the tires turning and your wheels from spinning" and "I'll share my baler if you share your combine.”

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 5 2015

May 1

In the May issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is cow comfort and cooling. Learn how heat stress abatement can help encourage milk production, and learn how to plan ahead to protect against heat stress. Also, read the article, "Assessment addresses lying time, lameness and hock injuries."

The issue topics are dry and transition cows, and A.I and breeding. Learn how to reduce pregnancy losses, and learn how to increase your herd's efficiency and profitability with IVF. This issue also discusses calcium delivery for transition cows and how transition cow nutrition could affect future reproduction performance.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 4 2015

April 1

The April edition of Progressive Dairyman focuses on animal welfare and nutrition. Articles include “Canadian corn silage contaminants may reduce milk returns,” “Why didn’t it ferment?,” “Shiloh Dairy: Transporting down cows with utmost comfort” and “Animal welfare: BC Milk Marketing Board’s recent experience.”

There are also a few articles about hoof care. These articles discuss preventing lameness and hoof abscesses and ulcers. Also learn the habits of highly effective hoof trimmers.