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Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 1 2017

January 1

In the first issue of the year, Progressive Dairyman focuses on feed and nutrition. Learn what the five key benefits of frequent feed push-up are. How is silage a lot like U.S. politics? Find out here. Also, what can we learn from the 2016 cropping season?

This issue will also discuss milk quality and parlour management. Winter is upon us; read these 13 tips to manage your parlour in the winter. And keep automatic milking systems running well in the cold weather.

Also covered is business planning. Read about how you should get better at your business before you go bigger. Beef up your negotiating skills and communicate better with your employees. Are you ready to start succession planning? Be sure you’ve selected the right consultant.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 2 2017

February 1

The February 2017 issue of Progressive Dairyman is all about the calves. Did you know if a calf can live past five minutes after birth, it’s likely to survive thereafter? Learn how to ensure your calves’ survival. Also, learn when is the right time to intervene during the calving process.

This issue will also discuss dry and transition cows. Read about the research that revealed more factors impacting ketosis. Looking to reduce antibiotic use? See how selective dry cow therapy could help.

Hoof health is another important topic to cover. Detect lameness earlier using an activity behaviour system. And is there a silver bullet to controlling digital dermatitis? See how cow hygiene and footbaths could be the ticket to battle digital dermatitis.

Also be sure to read Tim Moffett’s Valentine’s-themed article, “Cupid alert.”

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 3 2017

March 1

In the March issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is management. Find out how a vaccine for S. aureus was discovered by a Canadian scientist. Learn when the right time is to start succession planning. This issue also reviews upcoming events: the Western Canadian Dairy Seminar and Canadian Dairy XPO.

A.I. and breeding is the next topic. Including Omega-3 fatty acid-rich flaxseed and fish oil in your cows’ diet may boost fertility. Also, you can now select genetics for increased resistance to metabolic diseases.

Cow comfort and manure handling rounds out this issue. Conductive cooling could be the key to combat heat stress. And improve cow comfort by focusing on what can’t be bought. Learn the four reasons why anaerobic digesters fail. Lastly, learn manure pit safety; make sure toxic fumes don’t overcome you.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 4 2017

April 1

In the April issue of Progressive Dairyman, we will be focusing on feed, forages and nutrition. Learn how ash can find its way into your feed and what you can do to minimize it. See how one dairy used M&M’s to determine if they were getting a uniform mix with their additives. Lastly, see what steps to take when bad things happen to good rations.

Also covered in this issue is calf and heifer raising. Considering or already installed an auto-feeder for your calves? Calves may not be eating or growing like you think. Learn more here. Also, find important tips for feeding colostrum. Probiotics may be able to help your calves cope with stress, avoid disease and develop the rumen. Find this and more calf tips in this issue.

Also be sure to read Tim Moffett’s article, “Farm inventions.”

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 5 2017

May 1

The May issue of Progressive Dairyman takes a look at cow comfort. Read our cover story, “Brush up on cow brush maintenance.” Discover the surprising benefits of cow brushes and how to keep them rolling. Also, which bedding is the best? Three producers discuss their choices.

This issue also delves into animal welfare. There is increasing interest and pressure from the public to ensure animal welfare on farms. Find out what the public expects from your dairy farm. Also, become familiar with animal rights pressures on farming and food. Learn these practical approaches to ensuring animal welfare and working with special-interest groups.

Also be sure to read Tim Moffett’s article, “Bird watching.”

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 6 2017

June 1

The June issue of Progressive Dairyman will delve into A.I. and breeding. What will the ideal cow look like in 2025? And what can be gained from on-farm ultrasound? This issue will answer these questions and more.

Hoof health is the next topic. National lameness rates haven’t changed in the last two decades. Help change the statistics by training your eye to detect mildly lame cows to improve your herd’s overall lameness rate. Also learn how you could prevent and treat lameness with proper hoof care.

This issue will also outline how to improve your milk quality and parlour management. Learn how a hand-held milk testing device could help you reduce mastitis treatments. Learn how to maintain your milking equipment for milk quality. Do you have milking robots? Find out how you could increase milking frequency.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 8 2017

August 1

The August 2017 issue of Progressive Dairyman outlines the state of the dairy industry. Hear one dairyman’s perspective on supply management. See an overview of the A.I. sector in Canada and how genomics has increased competition. And find out how equipment dealers are adjusting to a changing dairy industry.

Another focus in this issue is calf and heifer raising. Learn how to mitigate heat stress for you calves. Considering switching up your calves’ feeding program? Learn how to adopt an enhanced calf feeding program with or without an automated feeder. Are your calves not growing like you would like? Find out why that might be in the case here.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 9 2017

September 1

The September 2017 Progressive Dairyman will provide you with all you need to raise your reproduction program to the next level. Explore how filtering through sires could help you reach your breeding goals. Learn four ways to boost in vitro fertilization and ET success. Also, find out how Boernview Farm achieved a 36 percent pregnancy rate.

This issue also has articles on milk quality and herd health. Learn from Rosy-Lane Holsteins: They were able to eliminate antibiotic use in their milking herd. Often a deadly disease to youngstock, Salmonella dublin has been found in Ontario and Quebec. Protect your herd and learn how to prevent and control it.

Also be sure to read Ryan Dennis’ article, “The Viking and the Spartans.”

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 10 2017

October 1

The October issue of Progressive Dairyman has the know-how to help you keep your cows comfortable, healthy and well-fed.

Check out our articles on feed and nutrition, including “The 5 common questions about yeasts and moulds,” “Protein efficiency: Stuck in the Dark Ages” and “Target ration DCAD levels, not urine pH results.” Also learn how corn genetics has a role in starch digestibility, or learn how to be in synch with your cows’ feed consumption by understanding these principles.

Also, take a quick look at the cow comfort section. Learn what low-lameness farms are doing differently, or how to get the stocking density right for your cows.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 11 2017

November 1

The November issue of Progressive Dairyman tackles common calf raising issues, including ventilation, nutrition and more. Read on to learn if your calves are receiving enough crude protein, or see the studies that prove that there is no such thing as too much fresh air for calves – but there is such thing as too much draft.

Hoof care is another prominent topic in this issue. Hear what this hoof trimmer has to say about lameness improvement. Learn how bedding choices could affect the floor grooves’ ability to provide proper traction and prevent lameness.

Find this and much more in the 11th issue of Progressive Dairyman.