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Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 1 2018

January 1

The first Progressive Dairyman issue of the year is focuses on feeding, milk quality and business planning. First, get six tips for maximizing the milking parlour and some advice on using cameras to improve feedbunk management. Then pick up a few tips on on-farm mycotoxin management and learn the pros and cons of milking parlours and milking robots.

Another focus in this issue is business planning. Get some advice on financial planning and learn about the habits of Canada’s most successful farmers. Emulating these habits may be just the thing to help your new year start out right.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 3 2018

March 1

One of the main topics in the March issue of Progressive Dairyman is breeding. Find out how to get heifers pregnant faster with estrus detection and timed A.I. And which is better for your operation – in vitro fertilization or embryo transfer? Find out here. Also, here’s something to consider: Can dairy reproduction be too efficient?

Also included in this issue is cow comfort and manure. Learn the 5 pitfalls that compromise cow comfort. Or check out these cow comfort must-do’s for an extra few litres of milk. Also, see how manure handling doesn’t have to be a dirty job.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 4 2018

April 1

The April issue of Progressive Dairyman covers a myriad of topics, including management, feed and nutrition, calf and heifer, herd health and manure. See how two couples, one from Canada and the other from the U.S., started dairying. Learn how you can optimize dairy cow fertility through nutrition. Or consider some key design features before building a new calf barn. This and much more in this issue.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 5 2018

May 1

The May issue of Progressive Dairyman covers a good variety of topics, including management, cow comfort, animal welfare and facilities.

Summer is coming fast, and your cows may be already experiencing heat stress. Learn what signals to look for and how to combat heat stress. While you’re cooling your cows, check out five ways to save water.

Are you looking to improve your facilities? This issue has what you need. Find out which waterer is right for you, or learn how to cut costs and labour for dairy barn lighting. Also, check out our robot-themed articles.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 6 2018

June 1

The June issue of Progressive Dairyman covers three main topics: breeding, hoof care and milk quality. Learn why you should breed cows for 2 kilograms of fat per cow per day, or see what reproductive technologies you should consider for your operation. Find out how to minimize the negative effects of automated alley scrapers on hoof health, or learn how to detect lame cows at any time and all the time. Lastly, see how you can combat teat issues by being aware of these top five factors.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 7 2018

July 1

The July issue of Progressive Dairyman covers a series of topics, including management, feed and nutrition, dry and transition cows, and equipment. See how you can adjust the cutting height of corn silage to maximize NDFd. Wanting to try DCAD but intimidated by the full program? Try the partial DCAD method. Also, see these tips for buying equipment from a private seller.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 8 2018

August 1

The August issue of Progressive Dairyman focuses on calf and heifer raising. Inside, colostrum is compared to a performance-enhancing drug because of its critical nature in a calf’s future health. Group housing calves is becoming increasingly popular. What should you consider before transitioning to group housing? Lastly, learn how to identify the four D’s of scours and how to treat it.

Also in this issue, find out the truth about tariffs in Canada and the U.S.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 9 2018

September 1

The September issue of Progressive Dairyman focuses on A.I. and breeding. See what four milk component characteristics you should add to your breeding program. Or check out this more heat-tolerant Holstein. Lastly, see how you can get the optimum insemination timing.

Another focus is milking equipment. See if robotic milking is worth it by comparing maintenance costs to the benefits. Or see how these two dairies were able to reach 1 million milkings with their robots, proving the equipment can last at least 17 years. Also, see how you can prevent machine-induced mastitis by doing daily maintenance checks.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 10 2018

October 1

The October issue of Progressive Dairyman focuses on feed and nutrition. See six reasons why you should consider canola meal, or find out why feeding protected B vitamins could reduce culling and increase herd longevity. Use robots? Find out what rest feed is and how to avoid it. Lastly, learn the ins and outs of high-moisture corn.

Another focus in this issue is dry and transition cows. Is it possible to go too far with the negative DCAD diet for pre-fresh cows? What’s the best balance? Find out here. Also, there might be some benefits to keeping the fresh group small.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 11 2018

November 1

Articles in the November issue of Progressive Dairyman contain everything you need to know about caring for calves and heifers. Maximize health, growth and development in your calves by providing these six freedoms. Or see these new recommendations for calf feeding when using automated feeders. Lastly, see how you could retrofit your old stanchion barn for calves, including ventilation.

Hoof care and management round out this issue, along with a few articles that highlight the women in the dairy industry.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 12 2018

December 1

The December issue of Progressive Dairyman takes a look back at the best of 2018. See this year’s top 15 online articles. Also, check out a high-performing online-first article, printed for the first time, “New location opens up new opportunities for Meilink Dairies Ltd.”

A major focus of this issue is A.I. and breeding. Learn how to avoid twinning in dairy cows, or check out new online genetic software. Also, with rapid genomic progress comes inbreeding. Is inbreeding bad and how can we manage it?

Lastly, be sure to read our columnists’ Christmas articles, including “The North Pole Conspiracy,” “Gratitude gifts at Christmas” and “12 Days of Christmas.”