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Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 1 2020

January 1

The January issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada covers milk quality. Measure the success of your milking system by watching four key areas. Also included is dry and transition cow management. Learn the top 10 steps for healthier transition cows. Lastly, get five tips for planning a modernization project, and find out what you should know before renting facilities.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 2 2020

February 1

The February issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada highlights feed, nutrition and forages. Get some tips for successfully feeding 2019 corn silage, and learn a few strategies to implement when forage availability is limited. Also included is hoof care. Find out what corkscrew claw syndrome is and how to avoid it. Lastly, learn four key components of an effective pest management program.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 3 2020

March 1

The March issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada focuses on calves and heifer raising. Get some helpful tips on calf care after a difficult birth. Also included is reproduction. Answer three questions before you begin your beef-on-dairy program, and see how selecting for health traits can be better for your herd and your bottom line. Lastly, get some tips on maximizing the value of your manure.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 4 2020

April 1

The April issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada focuses on feed and nutrition. Learn how palm fats are made and how they fit in a dairy ration. Also included is facility planning. Get four tips to improve parlour flow and de-stress milking time, and get some insights on layouts for robot barns. Lastly, pick up three management tactics to cut down on ketosis.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 5 2020

May 1

The May issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada focuses on animal welfare and cow comfort. See how using SOPs can improve animal welfare practices, and get some tips on preparing barns for natural ventilation during the summer. Also included is calf and heifer raising. Learn about the role fetal programming can have in shaping your future herd, and get the latest on calf health and nutrition research. Lastly, discover the simple secret of pen settling.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 6 2020

June 1

The June issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada focuses on genetics and reproduction. Learn six reasons why an A.I. program can fail, and some insights about beef-cross production. Also included is milk quality and equipment. Learn the three E’s of improving milk quality, and find out how the seasons affect milk production. Lastly, see how trace minerals help with heat stress.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 8 2020

August 1

The August issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada highlights the state of the dairy industry. Get some insights on CUSMA from a Canadian dairy economics perspective, and see how Canadian dairy companies have been giving back during the COVID-19 pandemic. Also included is calf and heifer raising. Learn about the benefits of group housing systems for calves, and get some tips for scours prevention, treatment and recovery. Lastly, find out how manure gutter cleaners are making a comeback.

Progressive Dairyman Canada Issue 11 2020

November 1

The November issue of Progressive Dairy-Canada focuses on dry and transition cow management. Learn how neutrophils and antioxidants can boost the immune system for transition dairy cows. Also included is calf care. Get the answer to common questions about pair-housing calves, and learn how much your calf program is really costing you. Lastly, learn five important components of a good hoof-trimming setup.