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Slideshow: Breakfast attracts nearly 700 people to Alberta dairy farm

Miranda Verhoef for Progressive Dairyman Published on 06 July 2017

On Saturday morning, June 24, a hot and healthy breakfast was ready at Boom Holsteins, east of Olds, Alberta.

Six hundred and seventy people came out on this sunny morning to eat and explore the dairy farm. With the help of 55 volunteers, mostly local dairy producers, the visitors were guided on the farm. They were able to see what the milk cows eat, learn how many stomachs a cow has and see a pregnancy check by a veterinarian. Painting a cow on the feed alley and cow milking were part of the children’s activities.



An eye opener for a lot of people was the explanation by a nutritional coach, who informed them that Cool Whip is not a dairy product and about the difference between margarine and butter.

This event was organized for the fifth year by the Southern Alberta Holstein Club and East Olds Dairy Farmers Study Club.

We felt that again more people learned where their milk comes from and that calves are born year-round, not only in springtime. One question we received was, “Why are you doing all this work if you can buy milk in the grocery store?”

Hosting this event annually continues to be an important way to show the consumer how and what we do.  end mark

Miranda Verhoef is the secretary of the East Olds Dairy Farmers Study Club.


View the slideshow below. Photos courtesy of East Olds Dairy Farmers Study Club.