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Dairy producers from across Ontario attend the 2017 Dairy Symposium

Published on 07 February 2017
2017 Dairy Symposium speaker

Last month Grand Valley Fortifiers had the privilege of hosting 425 farmers from across Ontario at their 11th biannual Dairy Symposium.

This year speakers provided dynamic and innovative presentations; Elaine Froese, a farm family coach, spoke on the topic of farm succession, and Dr. Rob Bell, CEO of Bio Agri Mix, spoke on the topic of dairy farm profitability.

The 2017 Dairy Symposium took place in three locations including Port Perry on Jan. 24, Woodstock on Jan. 25 and Drayton on Jan. 26. The event was free to all dairy producers and provided a hot roast beef lunch, chocolate milk, coffee, tea and a complementary glass. Grand Valley Fortifiers would like to thank all who attended the 2017 Dairy Symposium. The company is grateful that Ontario dairy producers took the opportunity to continue to learn and develop necessary skills to better manage their farms.

Grand Valley Fortifiers has been hosting dairy symposium events for the past 21 years, and is passionate about enabling producers to obtain the best possible production at the lowest possible cost. Grand Valley Fortifiers is a family-run business that was founded in 1960 and is focused on providing advanced animal nutrition for improved human health.  end mark

—From Grand Valley Fortifiers news release

PHOTO: Photo courtesy of Grand Valley Fortifiers.

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