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10 gift ideas for a dairy farmer

Compiled by Progressive Dairy staff Published on 01 December 2020

Stuck on what to get your favourite dairy farmer? We reached out to our editorial advisory board and a few other farmers we know for some suggestions of what they’d like to see under their Christmas tree this year.

We then did a little research on their suggestions. While reading, keep in mind we’ve intended each gift idea for both the male and female farmers in your life.



1. A day off

OK, so technically you can’t wrap this up, though we’re sure if you got creative, you could think of a way to present this “present.” And we know – making this happen can be easier said than done. But if you can figure out a way to get extra help or step in yourself for the day, it’s a sure-fire bet the recipient will appreciate the effort to give them a well-deserved break.

Cost: free, unless you’ll need to hire another person for the day

2. Smart watch

It’s like an activity monitor but for humans. Smart watches can be used to view app notifications, track daily steps and sleeping patterns, receive calls and reply to text messages, and some even take pictures. While the big brands will certainly put a dent in your budget, cheaper options with good reviews are out there. A lower-priced watch would certainly make it easier to gift to someone knowing full well it will likely get covered in manure, grease and calf slobber. And that’s just the first day of wearing it.


Cost: $15 to $350+

3. Cow artwork

If you have a cow collector in your life, chances are they have their heart set on a new print from a studio like Bonnie Mohr, Steel Cow or Cow Art and More. Some, like Andrea Jorgensen of Artwork by APJ, even offer custom animal portraits. To be sneaky about it, check out your farmer’s social media feed or email inbox to find out which artist or artists they’re following and which giveaways they’ve tried to enter. Can’t quite swing a full print or portrait? Many of these artists offer calendars or stationery.

Cost: $12 to $399+

4. Work boots

If your farmer likes practical gifts, and you like them thinking of you every time they take a well-cushioned, properly warmed, suitably supported step, consider boots. This gift would work especially well if they’ve talked about a pair they’d “splurge” on if they could. This really isn’t an area you can be a little thrifty. A good pair of boots will pay for themselves in reduced pain, fatigue and blisters.


Cost: Expect to spend at least $100 on a good pair of boots

5. A smoker

Is your farmer always requesting takeout from the local barbecue joint or looking up recipes for ribs? While there are a lot of factors to consider when picking out a smoker, the right recipient will certainly be excited to try it out, and you can enjoy being the taste tester. A word of caution from an experienced smoker giver: Like any kitchen appliance, the smoker was used often in the first six months it was given and then never again.

Cost: $60 to $2,000+

6. A robot vacuum

Who wouldn’t love to come home to a freshly swept floor after working all day? While we found options starting at around $85, this is probably another gift where you’ll want to invest in something with good reviews, a decent protection program and works well on multiple surfaces. Want to up the awe factor? Get one that’s also a mop.

Cost: $85 to $800

7. Restaurant gift card

In our opinion, this is an underrated yet greatly appreciated gift idea, particularly when offered to a couple with young kids with the added offer of babysitting. We’ve even heard of someone buying themselves a gift card so, when their significant other is reluctant about dining out, they can respond, “Oh wait! I think I have a gift card.” Genius!

Cost: At least $50

8. Cheese

You can’t go wrong with cheese. There’s a variety out there for everyone and if you buy a few, they make a good base for any charcuterie board. If you’re looking for suggestions, check out our cheese Advent calendar on page 25, its full of Canadian-made cheeses recommended by readers and Progressive Dairy staff.

Cost: $5 to $20+

9. A warm sweatshirt or coat

We know. Your farmer has a whole closet full of coats and sweatshirts they could wear. But you know there’s a favourite. So get a new or upgraded version of the one they wear all the time that’s stained, worn out, has a broken zipper or, ahem, no longer properly fits. For a special added touch, get their name or farm logo embroidered on it.

Cost: At least $50

10. A subscription to Progressive Dairy

Not to toot our own horn, but toot toot. You can receive Progressive Dairy content in a printed magazine, a digital edition, a monthly enewsletter or all of the above. And best of all? It’s free. Visit or call (800) 320-1424 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MST to get your favourite farmer up-to-date.

Cost: Free 

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