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Larenwood Farms earns best-managed herd award for 2016

Published on 03 February 2017

CanWest DHI is pleased to announce the winner of the National 2016 Herd Management Score award is Larenwood Farms - Chris, Grant and Dan McLaren of Drumbo, Ontario, in Oxford county. For the year 2016, the calculation encompasses 8,000 DHI herds across the country.

With a score of 985 out of a possible 1000 points, the McLarens have acheived superior performance across all aspects of herd management. This is the third consecutive year that Larenwood has the top score for Ontario, and the herd was also the top in Canada for 2015 when the Management Score was first calculated nationwide.  

The DHI Herd Management Score allocates points for performance in six different management areas and is an excellent barometer of overall herd performance. It is a great tool for monitoring overall herd performance from year to year and also allows herds to benchmark themselves against others.

The McLarens, with a milking herd of 100 Holsteins, attribute their herd management success to many things. “We don’t really do anything special. For us, it’s a matter of doing all the little things right,” said Chris. “We try to do what’s best for our cows, and they return the favour by being healthy and productive.”

An important part of their approach is to establish specific management protocols and then follow them meticulously. They stay well-informed and have an open mind about implementing changes.

The McLarens are excited, “Every herd will have some ups and downs in terms of performance, and we’re fortunate to have had a nice stretch in the last three years. There are many well-managed herds in Canada, so we are humbled and pleasantly surprised by the news.”

CanWest DHI congratulates the top 10 herds in the country, for achieving superior performance across all aspects of herd management.  

  1. Larenwood Farms – Chris, Grant and Dan McLaren, Drumbo, Ontario

  2. Pauferlou Inc. – Louis Rousseau, Pohenegamook, Quebec

  3. Ferme Barjo Inc. – Amelie Tremblay and Dominique Bard, Baie St-Paul, Quebec

  4. Ferme Duchesne – Chicoutimi, Quebec

  5. Summitholm Holsteins – Carl, Dave and Ben Loewith, Lynden, Ontario

  6. Brakke Farm – Jacob, Nelleke and Henk Brakke, Grand Valley, Ontario

  7. Sunny Point Farms Ltd. – Philipp Vroegh, Hants County, Nova Scotia

  8. Ferme R.M. Dionne Inc. – Richard Dionne, Mont-Carmel, Quebec

  9. Greiden Farms Ltd. – Cees and Hinny Haanstra, St. Marys, Ontario

  10. Ferme Rubis 1987 Enr – Charles Menard and Manon Prudhomme, Lochaber Ouest, Quebec

CanWest DHI is a milk recording organization, providing profitable dairy management solutions to dairy producers across Ontario and western Canada.

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