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Dairy Farmers of Canada: Awareness of the Blue Cow logo at an all-time high

Published on 31 July 2019
Blue Cow logo

A recent Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) marketing campaign delivered exceptional results, with awareness of the Blue Cow logo reaching the highest point since its introduction.

The objectives of the dairy image campaign, which ran for six weeks from Jan. 28 to March 10 across Canada, were to change the perceptions millennials have towards dairy products, raise their knowledge about the positive aspects of Canadian dairy, increase consumption and build brand awareness as it relates to their values.



Millennials are the fastest-growing demographic group in Canada, and they are quickly becoming the group with the strongest buying power. They also consume less dairy than previous generations. For those reasons, the DFC board of directors identified them as a key target audience. As such, the strategic direction of the campaign aimed at addressing their myths and misconception around the dairy industry.

20 million Canadians

Addressing issues that resonate with millennials and other Canadians, such as artificial growth hormones, farm size and animal care, the national campaign saw both English and French advertisement placement on various mediums, including television, online and social media, and transit shelters. It delivered “Gold Standard” results according to an independent market research.

The campaign delivered four key successes:

1. The Blue Cow logo awareness is at its highest point since introduction: Over four in five Canadians are now aware of the Quality milk logo; that’s roughly 20 million Canadians.

2. The image campaign resulted in far more Canadians understanding key messages around dairy, namely produced without artificial growth hormones, no antibiotics and small family-run farms.


3. The campaign achieved exceptional breakthrough with almost 14 million Canadians seeing the campaign.

4. As an added benefit, the campaign made Canadians feel more positively towards dairy farmers. Those who saw it felt better about dairy farmers and said they were likely to consume more dairy as a result.

Campaign caught the attention of millennials

Awareness of the campaign among millennials hit 65% compared to 59% for all Canadians. Engaging millennials is essential to the growth and future of the Canadian dairy sector.

The social influence this demographic exudes has the potential to shape both the policy and economic climate in which dairy farmers operate. Therefore, the success of the image campaign with millennials is welcomed news.  end mark

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