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Dairy Farmers of Canada: Expert working group on palm feed supplementation in dairy

Published on 28 April 2021
Cattle at the feedbunk

A group of experts from different fields is coming together to look into issues raised by consumers surrounding the consistency of butter and animal feed supplements containing palm byproducts.

The working group includes prominent academics and experts from across Canada with a diverse range of expertise. All are recognized as leaders in their fields, with specializations in areas such as dairy nutrition, animal health, sustainability, food science and human nutrition. Consumers will have a clear voice, as the working group includes representation from the Consumers’ Association of Canada. The working group also includes participation from dairy processors and farm-level experts.



“The working group is led by experts of high integrity and will examine issues related to butter hardness and fat supplementation using a rigorous, evidence-based approach,” said Daniel Lefebvre, chief operations officer of Lactanet and chair of the expert working group. “The working group will set the scope of its work, not industry associations, and will follow the science wherever it may lead, so that consumers can have the utmost confidence in our work.”

For more details about members of the working group and its mandate, visit online (Dairy Farmers of Canada).

DFC looks forward to the working group’s conclusions as our industry prides itself on upholding the highest standards and best practices in dairy production rooted in science and data.

Milk produced in Canada is of high quality and subject to Canada’s robust health and safety standards. As well, all animal feeds used on dairy farms are approved by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and are safe for animals. end mark

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