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Schaefer Ventilation Equipment acquires Americ Corporation assets

Published on 19 April 2012

Schaefer Ventilation Equipment has acquired from Americ Corporation, an industrial fan manufacturer, the Americ brand, product designs, customer lists and other assets. 

Schaefer Ventilation designs, manufactures and markets fans and other ventilation equipment to agricultural, industrial, commercial and rental customers in the U.S. and abroad.



It is merging the Americ fan business, which includes a leading line of confined space ventilation fans and accessories, with its own ventilation business.

Neil Crocker, president of Schaefer Ventilation, said, “The Americ fan line allows us to serve markets that have previously been beyond our reach and to accelerate Schaefer’s international expansion.”

Americ Corporation is based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. This summer, ventilation fan production is moving to Schaefer’s assembly facility in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.

Takashi Dohi, president of Americ Corporation stated, “We are pleased to have found a good owner for our fan business and a good partner for our existing representatives, dealers and customers.


With the sale of the Americ fan business, Americ Corporation will now be known as Americ Machinery Corporation, and will be more highly focused on our core used construction equipment business.”  PD

—From Schaefer Ventilation Equipment news release