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Dairy farmers’ commitment highlighted in new campaign

Published on 30 May 2014
Dairy producer Ben Loewith

On April 29, a Steven & Chris lifestyle segment featured a visit to the Loewith & Sons dairy farm in Ontario to learn about dairy farming.

This episode called “Our dairy farm visit” was the result of a partnership agreement with CBC.

This partnership was concluded in the context of the new national campaign. The campaign features real Canadian dairy farmers and their lifelong commitment to producing high-quality milk.



You can see these farmers and their testimonials at Canadian Milk.

The multi-pronged campaign aims to make consumers feel good about choosing Canadian dairy products by reminding them that farmers are working hard, every day, to offer high-quality milk.

The campaign is possible because of the verifiable data that is the result of regulations, tests and validations on farms.

In other words, Dairy Farmers of Canada is starting to build on the strength of having more than 85 percent of dairy farms in Canada already validated on the Canadian Quality Milk program and all farms complying with strict quality regulations.

Over the last few months, we have heard a number of questions from dairy farmers about proAction, including: How will you promote the work farmers do to comply with proAction?

What does proAction mean anyway? And what does the food industry think about it?

Great questions! Here are some of the initial responses.

  • We believe trust will be earned by demonstration of sustainability and support the industry’s sales ... Over the years, as farmers are certified, our marketing campaigns will feature farmers’ dedication to quality, food safety, care, etc.

    In a world where misinformation is rampant, featuring good practices will help maintain and enhance the positive image of dairy farmers.

    Canadian Quality Milk and proAction will play a major role in providing credibility to dairy marketing campaigns because our assertions can be verified and proven to be true.

  • Farmers are among the most trusted professionals in Canada, along with doctors and nurses. The proAction Initiative will strengthen dairy farmers’ already solid reputation with customers.

    The step of independent verification will provide proof that farmers are producing Canadian milk responsibly, according to Canadian expectations for sustainability and quality.

  • The name of the proAction Initiative comes from wanting to be proactive in telling farmers’ commitment to high standards, that farmers are in favour of values shared by Canadian consumers (pro-care, pro-environment, etc.) and showing what it means to be a professional dairy farmer.

  • Finally, engaging our partners in the food value chain in our marketing activities also makes good sense and shows the value for them of farmers’ commitment to quality.  PD

Dairy producer Ben Loewith (centre) took Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados on their first dairy farm tour for the popular talk show Steven & Chris. Photo courtesy of Dairy Farmers of Canada.

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