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Minister Ritz reappoints Williamson to the Canadian Dairy Commission

Published on 24 June 2013

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has announced the reappointment of Randy Williamson as the chairman of the Canadian Dairy Commission (CDC).

"I'm very pleased to announce Mr. Williamson's reappointment to the CDC," Ritz said. "Under Mr. Williamson's continued leadership, I'm certain the CDC will remain focused on working with its stakeholders to find innovative ways to build a strong, sustainable
Canadian dairy industry for years to come."



He will be responsible for leading the CDC's three-member board of directors, which also comprise the commissioner and CDC's chief executive officer. The chairman is the commission's primary liaison to the agriculture minister.

The CDC is a Crown corporation established in 1966 to coordinate federal and provincial dairy policies and create a control mechanism for stabilizing milk production and revenues. It helps shape dairy policy in Canada and provides a framework for the effective management of the industry as a whole, which is a jurisdiction shared by the federal government and the provinces.

Williamson, who was first appointed chairman of the CDC in 2007 after more than three decades in the dairy processing industry, began his career with Fraser Valley Milk Producers in 1974, moving first to Dairyland Foods, then to Dairyworld Foods, and finally to Saputo Canada, where he remained until his retirement in 2006.

He’s had extensive board experience, serving as director of the National Dairy Council (1990–2006), director of the Nova Scotia Dairy Council (1998–2005), and president of the British Columbia Dairy Council (1994–96).

Williamson has a marketing diploma from the University of Western Ontario and a sales and marketing diploma from the University of British Columbia.


His reappointment for a term of two years is effective Aug. 1.  PD

—From Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada news release