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Poll: Most perform off-season maintenance of field equipment in spring and fall

Published on 06 April 2017

Most Progressive Dairyman readers perform off-season maintenance on their field equipment in the spring and the fall.

In an online poll, Progressive Dairyman asked, “When do you like to perform off-season maintenance on your field equipment?”



About 30.6 percent said they like to do maintenance before they put their equipment away for the winter. Another 22.9 percent said they like to spiff up their equipment when they’re getting ready in the spring. Around 10.4 percent said they don’t perform maintenance at all and let their equipment “take care of itself.”

The majority, 36.1 percent, said they perform maintenance on their equipment in both the fall and the spring.  end mark

When do you like to perform off-season maintenance on your field equipment?

  • Before I put it away for winter: 30.6%

  • When I'm getting ready in the spring: 22.9%

  • Both fall and spring: 36.1%

  • Neither, I prefer to let my equipment take care of itself: 10.4%



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