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ADF Milking Ltd. releases ADF5, automatic dipping and flushing system

Published on 29 March 2016

The ADF system is used by more than 1,000 customers in more than 21 countries. Every cow is dipped at the critical time, straight after milking, when she is most vulnerable.

ADF ensures consistent teat coverage every time, denying harmful bacteria access to the teat canal. After dipping, the cluster releases and is flushed thoroughly through, ready for the next cow.



ADF5 introduces a new dual injection nozzle in the head of the liner. With the teat cup in the upright milking position, teat dip is directed, at an optimized angle, through the top spray outlet. With the cluster removed from the cow and the teat cup inverted, sanitizer is sprayed out of the lower outlet, thoroughly disinfecting the liner.

In addition to dual injection, ADF has created a stronger, more durable cluster, with its Hoodlock technology, preventing the hood of the liner from becoming dislodged from the shell even if trodden on by the cow. ADF5 incorporates the latest in digital technology, ensuring greater reliability and allowing remote system access, minimizing unnecessary service call outs. With an industrial grade pump set and accumulators as standard to ensure efficient teat coverage, ADF5 has raised the bar for automatic dipping and flushing.

“Our commitment to improving cow health means we are continuously developing the ADF Milking system by harnessing the latest technology and design ideas. I am proud to say ADF is recognized in the industry for its innovative design philosophy. We aim to achieve simplicity, efficiency and reliability – goals I believe we have surpassed with the new features of ADF5,” said ADF Milking Ltd.’s founder, James Duke.

Further information about the company and the ADF system can be found at the ADF Milking Ltd. website.  PD

—From ADF Milking Ltd. news release


PHOTO: Photo provided by ADF Milking Ltd.