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Advanced Comfort Technology Inc. introduces DCC Waterbeds ISO

Published on 13 August 2014

Advanced Comfort Technology Inc. is proud to bring dairy producers the third generation of dairy waterbed technology and the most comfortable free-stall bedding solution yet.

The new, patent-pending DCC Waterbeds ISO is a premium water bladder system where there are two isolated chambers, one for the cow’s knees and one for her body, offering the ultimate in cow comfort, consistency, cushion and support.



The beds, with two chambers that are connected by small water channels, have been providing comfort to cows around the world for more than 10 years. The beds float the hocks, knees and udder and stay dry – a proven, comfortable alternative to deep-bedded sand or solids. The new design offers even more protection for the cow’s knees as she drops to the lying position, ensures consistent support for her hocks and udder and requires minimal top bedding.

The new product is custom-fit in your barn, ensuring each cow has the maximum support and protection.

Unlike traditional flat mats and other bedding systems, water can never pack, ensuring long-lasting comfort, consistency every time a cow drops to the laying position.  PD

—From Advanced Comfort Technology Inc. news release