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Canadian Dairy Network launches mobile app

Published on 21 September 2015

Canadian Dairy Network (CDN) launched its new CDN Mobile application to complement the data and tools already available on its website.

The application features two specific tools, namely “bull search” and “bull lists,” and the user can customize their own preferences in terms of language, breed and three primary traits of interest, including either LPI or Pro$.



“We are pleased to offer CDN Mobile as a quick and easy tool for accessing Canadian genetic and genomic information for all bulls, whether they are genomic young bulls, proven sires in Canada or sires with a MACE evaluation,” states the CDN general manager, Brian Van Doormaal.

This application can be freely downloaded from the network’s website to any Apple or Android device, and an icon can be created and added to the home screen of the device. Access to this icon means you are one click away from tools designed to quickly search for any bull of interest or scroll through lists of bulls based on your preferences.

Look for the application link on the CDN website to learn more.  PD

—From Canadian Dairy Network news release