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Dairy Cheq launches Q3

Published on 14 August 2014
Q3 time temperature recorder

Dairy Cheq’s launch of the revolutionary Q3 time temperature recorder (TTR) brings more monitoring capabilities than dairy producers have ever had.

This new product delivers maximum user friendliness and updated technology – including wireless technology that keeps farmers up-to-date on potential issues in real time.



The larger, full-colour touch screen easily displays information about milk cooling, storage and equipment wash cycles. The screen colour – green, yellow, red or blue – allows users, at a glance, to quickly detect the stage in the milk management process or any problems.

The product can send alerts via your wireless device if there is an issue. This allows dairy producers to act quickly to resolve potential problems no matter where they are.

It eliminates the frustration felt by dairy producers when a warning alarm goes off, but they can’t detect the issue. The system’s warning and alert screen will clearly indicate the problem’s source. Easy-to-understand icons for menu and sensor functions allow effortless navigation through information screens and to set warning levels.  PD

—From Dairy Cheq news release