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DuPont releases new PrecisionPac GP Herbicide

Published on 10 December 2015

DuPont PrecisionPac herbicides, a way to dispense high-performing, customized herbicide blends, now offer a completely customized wheat solution with its new GP Herbicide.

This product brings powerful grass control to the strong broadleaf performance that PrecisionPac is already known for, delivering exceptional performance on the toughest grassy weeds, including Group 1 resistant wild oats.



"With new GP Herbicide in our PrecisionPac lineup, we are now able to offer our growers a completely customized weed control solution for spring and durum wheat," says Rob McClinton, PrecisionPac product manager with DuPont Crop Protection.

This herbicide contains pyroxsulam, a premium Group 2 graminicide in western Canada. The new herbicide can be tank-mixed with PP-23235, PP-2525, PP-31155 or PP-3317 for outstanding one-pass control of the most challenging grass and broadleaf weeds, such as Japanese brome, wild oats, narrow-leaved hawk's beard and volunteer canola.

The easy customization of PrecisionPac products for sprayer tank and field size ensures the precise amount of product is dispensed for an exact number of acres. It's easy to use, with each grower bag containing a full wheat solution labeled for the specific field, in addition to reducing cost and waste for the customer.

For more information, visit the DuPont website.  PD

—From DuPont news release