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Feb. 1, 2013 issue: New products

Published on 31 January 2013

Quick test for udder infection
PortaCheck, Inc. has introduced a simple dipstick test, called UdderCheck, for the presence of lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) in milk.

The company says that because the enzyme LDH is closely correlated to somatic cell counts and bacterial damage of udder tissue, it is a good indicator of clinical and subclinical udder infections.



The dipstick makes this method of testing, which is used by milking robots, available for quick, cow-side use.

 UdderCheck is available in Canada from Farmers Farmacy in Cambridge, Ontario.

—From PortaCheck news release

BioStacked soybean inoculants now available as combined system
Becker Underwood, Inc. has announced that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has granted the registration of Nodulator Pro and HiStick Pro.

Both can be used as liquid BioStacked inoculant systems for soybeans that include the benefits of rhizobia and root disease suppression when used in combination with Integral, a PMRA-registered liquid biofungicide.


Now, the products are available as a combined system, providing a convenient 60-day window for “on-seed survival” of rhizobia.

“This new registration brings an effective one-two punch to professional seed treatment applicators by offering the benefits of high-quality Becker Underwood soybean inoculants with the Conditioner product in the same package,” says David Townsend, product manager with Becker Underwood.

—From Becker Underwood news release

HIPRA launches TopVac, the first vaccine for preventing mastitis caused by E. coli, S. aureus and CNS in dairy cattle, in Canada
This past November, HIPRA held launch events for TopVac in Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

During the sessions, members of the Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network presented information on the current status of dairy herds in Canada in regard to mastitis and milk quality, highlighting the importance of infections caused by S. aureus, coagulase-negative staphylococci (CNS) and E. coli. In addition, professors Ynte Shukken (Cornell University) and Andrew Bradley (Nottingham University) shared field trial results that demonstrate TopVac’s field efficacy against S. aureus and E. coli.

According to HIPRA, TopVac activates immunity of cows and heifers, thereby preventing intramammarian infections and reducing the severity of clinical and subclinical mastitis caused by E. coli and other coliforms, S. aureus and CNS.


This product launch continues HIPRA’s international expansion process of registering new products in strategic markets.

—From HIPRA news release

Pregnancy milk test from DHI
CanWest DHI has introduced the ReCheck 60 milk test, based on simple ELISA technology detecting the level of pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs), which are produced when a cow is pregnant and rise in concentration in blood and milk as the gestation progresses.

This technology is similar to what is being used in commercially available blood pregnancy tests.

In addition to being validated by the manufacturer (IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.), DHI states that the test kit performed very well in a Canadian study led by Stephen LeBlanc of the University of Guelph that targeted cows 60 days+ post breeding with the use of routine DHI samples.

Richard Cantin, manager of customer service for DHI, says, “Sample collection is already done as part of our regular service, which means there is no need to handle cows.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. On the other hand, DHI test intervals do not fit well with the need for routine early diagnosis, so the test is better suited for 60+ days in gestation, making it an ideal test for pregnancy reconfirmation, as a supplement to early diagnosis by the herd veterinarian.”

For that reason, DHI has named the service ReCheck 60.

Producers can test selected cows or enroll on a recheck and/or dry-off option, where on each test day, cows that meet herd-specific criteria for days since last breeding will automatically be pregnancy milk-tested.

Test results will be sent to the herd veterinarian. Producers should work with their veterinarian to develop a reproductive management program and to determine a pregnancy milk testing plan and results interpretation.

—From CanWest DHI news release

Bovibooster hoof wash system
The Bovibooster hoof wash system has been installed in more than 350 robots in Denmark. Now Protekta Inc. will be introducing it to the Canadian market for the first time at the Canadian Dairy XPO.

The system washes the cow’s hooves with clean water while the cow is still placed in the milking robot. The washing cycle is started by the udder spray function signal from the robot, right before the cow leaves the robot but not before the milking has finished, so there is absolutely no risk of polluting the milk, according to Protekta.

The complete washing cycle lasts less than 10 seconds.

Bovibooster can be mounted in any Lely or DeLaval robot.  PD

—From Protekta news release

-- From PD Staff news release