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Fifth edition of Canola Meal Feeding Guide published

Published on 22 October 2015

As livestock nutritionists expand their ration formulation options to develop the best rations possible based on current research and available options, many may have questions about canola meal as a protein ingredient.

These questions may include:



  • What is the nutrient profile of canola meal?
  • What are the recommended inclusions levels for different species?
  • How does the protein degradation of canola meal in the rumen impact milk production?

The answers to these questions can be found in the Canola Meal Feeding Guide by the Canola Council of Canada. Last updated in 2009, the fifth edition, a comprehensive resource for nutritionists, was recently published and is available as a PDF online (PDF, 3.3MB).

Printed copies will be available at trade shows and by requesting it through email. The feed guide was updated to include the latest information on feeding canola meal to different livestock species and represents the latest findings from recent industry research studies.

The Canola Meal Feeding Guide is just one of many resources available at, which was recently updated. The website includes recent research, a dairy feed calculator for protein ingredient options and canola feeding information for multiple livestock species.  PD

—From Canola Council of Canada news release