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GenoID genomic testing service launched

Published on 12 July 2012

Holstein Canada announced a new genomic (DNA) testing service available to Holstein breeders. In the past, genomic testing was only available for animals registered in the Association Herdbook. GenoID combines genomic testing with Herdbook registration to provide a convenient one-step process for parentage discovery and genetic evaluation.

Genetic evaluations provide valuable information allowing producers to make better selection, mating and sales decisions. GenoID will also automatically register animals in the Holstein Canada Herdbook.



 GenoID is geared towards non-registered herds but available to all Holstein breeders. GenoID provides more accurate information allowing better decisions and faster genetic improvement. GenoID works best on herds using A.I. sires as they are already genotyped and included in the genomic database. Complete program information is available on the Holstein Canada website (Genetics >> Genomics).

Holstein Canada is pleased to announce a GenoID Incentive Program for Holstein breeders who have not been registering animals for two or more years. This will give new customers a chance to evaluate the benefits of the GenoID program over a 12-month period. The fee for animals tested on this program will be $50 for low density genotyping and Herdbook registration.

“We have very accurate and useful genetic evaluation services in Canada and producers are highly supportive of our genetic improvement tools,” said Brian Van Doormaal, CEO, Holstein Canada. “GenoID opens doors to new potential customers and will help increase the rate of genetic progress made by Canadian Holsteins.”  PD

—From Holstein Canada news release