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Jan. 1, 2013 issue: New Products

Published on 31 December 2012

iPhone app for SCC testing
The Milk Guardian, from Ontario-based Dairy Quality Inc., allows milk quality testing to be done in the milking parlour.

SCC readings are determined in seconds. The process requires nothing more than the Milk Guardian kit and an iPhone.



Milk Guardian Kit & iPhone How it works: A sample is drawn and loaded into a Milk Guardian slide chamber that automatically mixes the sample with reagents to identify somatic cells.

The imaging technology of the device then scans the milk. An image of the scan is captured by the iPhone camera and analyzed by the mpengo Dairy app. The results are displayed on the iPhone seconds later.

The app that works with Milk Guardian also tracks results of the herd. Information is stored by cow tag.

—From Dairy Quality news release

Calf pen drop-in wire backing
Agri-Plastics Mfg. recently introduced its “Drop-In-Go” wire back pen system – a galvanized rear wire panel that increases ventilation and allows bedding from the rear of the pen.


—From Agri-Plastics news release

Waterproof apron with slit in front

Waterproof apron with slit front
Udder Tech, Inc. offers a new variation on its waterproof apron. The design makes it easier for the wearer to go up and down stairs without stepping on the garment.

Two panels across the apron’s front overlap to protect the legs when the wearer is standing upright but open up when climbing steps.

—From Udder Tech news release

Automated teat dipping and backflushing system
GEA Farm Technologies has launched the ApolloMilkSystem, which automatically dispenses teat dip within the milking unit just prior to removal.


Once removed, a backflush solution neutralises any remaining bacteria in the unit before it is attached to the next cow.

The system employs patent-pending separation technology that includes a safety valve constructed of tough material.

The company says this configuration guarantees milk and teat dip stay apart. The system is intended to replace dip cups.

—From GEA Farm Technologies news release

Hoofsure KonquestGel treats hairy warts
New to the North American market from Provita Eurotech Ltd. is Hoofsure Konquest, a gel for the treatment of hairy warts that combines organic acids and tea-tree oil.

The product features advanced bio-adhesion properties developed for use with a hoof bandage wrap to help improve hoof health on more difficult cases.

This product is purported to have potent penetration action and is stable in extreme temperatures.

The company cites an independently commissioned field study carried out by Canadian hooftrimmer Vic Daniels that showed a 100 percent success rate in reducing the size of hairy warts.

—From Provita Eurotech news release

New cluster washing system and teat sprayer from Dairymaster
Dairymaster USA says that its new ClusterCleanse system improves hygiene by minimizing the spread of contagious mastitis during milking.

ClusterCleanse rinses each cluster after each cow is milked by flushing the cluster and the long milk tube with a combination of disinfectant and air.

After the cluster is flushed out, it is then automatically purged. The cleansing sequence can be automatically started after detachment or initiated by the operator.

Dairymaster has also introduced a new platform teat sprayer for rotary parlours, which provides both pre-spray and post-spray of teats.

For the pre-spray, the cow walks onto the rotary and when her CowID is displayed on the milk meter, the intelligent software activates so that she is sprayed for a predefined time. For the post-spray, once the cluster is removed from the cow, the intelligent software activates again – there is a spray delay time.

A chlorhexadine chemical is used in the teat sprayers for both pre- and post-spraying.  PD

—From Dairymaster news release