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July 21, 2013 issue: New Products

Published on 20 July 2013
Silostop Orange

Silostop Orange now available

Bruno Rimini Corp., makers of Silostop oxygen-barrier film, has introduced Silostop Orange.

According to the company, the new product is strong and stretchy.



It is advertised as a total oxygen-barrier film that reduces dry matter loss, decreases visible spoilage, maintains feed {socialbuttons}quality, improves aerobic stability and saves labour.

—From Bruno Rimini Corp. news release

Clean milking system Exacta, a one-step CIP detergent

AgroChem Inc. has introduced Exacta, a highly concentrated, non-foaming acid detergent formulated to clean an entire milking system in a single wash cycle.

Exacta contains a high-performance combination of sanitizing acids, surfactants and emulsifiers that dissolve fats, mineral deposits and proteins.

The company says the zero-phosphate formula is gentle on equipment and the environment – and reduces bacterial growth between milkings.

The non-foaming formulation is purported to avoid “trap-out.”

—From AgroChem Inc. news release

New Boost Pump Cruise ControlNew evolution in boost pump control

SunovaWorx has released the Boost Pump Cruise Control, a new option on Broadcaster1 controllers.

It allows manure applicators remote control of their pump engines, according to the company, has built-in safety features that minimize the risk of blown hoses and spills and allows for immediate shutdown within 30 seconds of all pumps on the network by the operator.

RPM is controlled automatically based on detected hose pressures and preset values.

Controllers can be retrofitted onto mechanical or electronic engines and electric variable frequency drive motors.

The product will be launched Aug. 21 at the North American Manure Expo at the University of Guelph’s Arkell Research Station.  PD

—From SunovaWorx news release