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New bale shredder/blower for telehandlers and wheel loaders

Published on 19 September 2012

Agromec Industries is launching a new bale shredder/blower for telehandlers and wheel loaders.

Once the bale (round or square) is loaded, the turbine can be activated by the remote control box in the cab. The turbine starts and will reach its nominal speed.



For safety reasons it is not possible to activate the walking floor (patented) and the rotor before the turbine has reached its nominal speed. When the turbine reaches its ideal speed, the walking floor and the rotor can be activated with one button in order to start bedding.

If the turbine reduces its speed, the moving bottom and rotor stop until the turbine reaches its nominal speed again. The driver only has to take care of the joystick to orientate the chute, making for easy operation.

Advantages of this shredder include a hydraulic motor that is integrated in the rotor. Its helicoid shape optimizes efforts and does not over-consume hydraulic power.

The blower is light, with an empty weight of 1230 kg. Even loaded with a bale, this blower weighs less than the empty weight of other straw blowers on the market.

A plug-and-play cooler-radiator option is required if the farmer wants to blow more than three bales. The plug-and-play system is fully integrated into the blower, making it easier for the dealer to prepare the telescopic handler.  PD


—From Agromec Industries news release