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New Products: Schaefer’s F5 Livestock Fan for performance and show animals

Published on 02 April 2014

0414ca new products schaefer fan

Schaefer’s F5 Livestock Fan for performance and show animals
Schaefer Ventilation Equipment, manufacturer of ventilation and thermal comfort products, launches the F5 Livestock Fan, a high velocity circulation fan designed to provide maximum comfort and maximum hair growth for show animals.



With the highest airflow and air velocity rating for fans in its respective size categories, the fan outperforms the competition.

Built to withstand the impact of show travel, it has heavy-duty steel guards and reinforced ribs and outer rings, along with an easy-use hang mount and water resistance rocker on/off switch with a weatherproof cover. It is available in two sizes, 20-inch and 24-inch.

—From Schaefer Ventilation Equipment news release

0414ca new product trioliet triomatic

Trioliet releases new range of stationary mixers
Trioliet presents a new range on stationary mixer feeders, a complete line from seven up to 46 cubic metres. Special features include:

  • Trioliet mix quality
  • Soft start VFD electric drive; no hydrostat
  • Vibration-free high RPM drive for full cleanout
  • Easy startup under full loads
  • High torque planetary gearboxes
  • Capacity of up to 46 cubic metres/22,500 kilograms
  • Fast and even discharge
  • Low power requirement, low costs

The features have many advantages for dairy farms, the company says, including making work easier and saving time and money.

—From Trioliet news release

The Saskatoon Colostrum Co. presents new ‘Instant Mix’ product
The Saskatoon Colostrum Co. has released the all-new Instant Mix technology in its colostrum products, which offers easy and complete mixing by hand whisk in 20 seconds or less.

The faster mixing time is attributed to the company’s investment in a granulator. The granulator uses the colostrum’s existing natural fat to act as a binding agent, ultimately producing larger, free-flowing particles that allow the powder to rapidly disperse in water and therefore mix more easily.

Its bovine dried colostrum products are aimed at newborn calf management to ensure adequate immune transfer when maternal colostrum lacks quality or quantity; provide extra energy for calves born experiencing difficult births and/or cold environments; and prevent disease transfer through maternal colostrum (e.g. Johne’s disease)

—From Saskatoon Colostrum Co.
news release

DuPont Pioneer introduces two new brown midrib corn hybrids
DuPont Pioneer this year in Canada will introduce two new Pioneer brand corn hybrids with the brown midrib (BMR) trait, with strong agronomics in a broader range of maturities.

Company researchers expanded overall BMR breeding efforts by starting a new program with the goal of developing unique inbred parent lines and hybrids expressing the BMR trait.

They looked for lines that demonstrated BMR forage quality along with performance stability, excellent yield and agronomic strengths such as root-lodging resistance and standability for ease of harvest.

The new products include the Herculex XTRA, LibertyLink and Roundup Ready Corn 2 traits for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance.

  • P0783XR: 107-day BMR silage hybrid with excellent fibre digestibility, tall plants, good roots and a good leaf disease resistance rating.

  • P1180XR: 111-day maturity BMR silage hybrid that flowers early for a wide area of adaptation, including northern growing areas. It features excellent stand emergence and establishment, plus good disease tolerance.

These products offer better potential silage yields, the company says, higher starch content and excellent fibre digestibility. BMR corn hybrids have 10 to 25 percent less lignin in the stalk’s fibre. This results in improved digestibility, which increases the feed intake of dairy cattle.  PD

—From DuPont Pioneer news release