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Nov. 21, 2012 issue: New Products

Published on 19 November 2012

Thrive! milk supplement for calves
The bioactive fatty acids in the PMT Group’s Thrive! product are purported to enhance the calf’s immune system using naturally occurring nutrients.

The balanced fatty acid profile in the product is formulated to meet the specific lipid requirements of the calf.



The company cites research that it says proves that the nutrients in the product assist in reducing scours, improving average daily gain, frame growth and feed efficiency.

—From PMT Group news release

 Haptic Cow

Haptic Cow now available internationally
The training tool dubbed Haptic Cow – already employed in many veterinary schools in the U.K. – uses virtual reality technology to create a 3-D virtual bovine reproductive tract that students can use to carry out virtual rectal examinations.

Haptic force feedback technology creates a virtual bovine reproductive tract inside an empty fibreglass model of the rear half of a cow.


Although nothing is there, the user can clearly “feel” all the features expected in a real rectal examination.

The cow’s organs are visible on the computer monitor so the instructor can see what the student is doing and direct their movements – something that isn’t possible with a real animal.

The Haptic Cow can replicate a range of conditions. Product inventor Sarah Baillie of University of Bristol says,“The virtual environment of the Haptic Cow simulates the bovine reproductive tract, including models of the cervix, uterus and ovaries, with a wide range of fertility cases, pregnancies and some examples of pathology.”

—From Virtalis news release

Remote engine controller uses radio signals
A new remote engine controller offers real-time data that doesn’t require cell phone coverage.

“Broadcaster 1 is different from any other engine controller currently on the market because it uses a digital radio signal to communicate rapidly with the engine it is controlling,” explains John Van Lierop, owner of Ontario-based Sunova WorX Inc., which developed the technology. “It covers a distance of three kilometres with the capacity to extend this range.”


The remote controller displays engine RPM, PTO, intake and outlet pressure, engine temperature and oil pressure. It also acts as an emergency shut-down.

The controller works with both dragline and tanker manure spreading systems and has options available for boost pumps to increase distances for drag hoses.

—From Sunova WorX Inc. news release

New liner for low vacuum levels
The Evolution X liner by Conewango Products Corp. has a patented barrel design that combines thick and thin side walls.

The thin inner walls collapse first during milking, causing the barrel to assume an oval shape. Outer walls resist collapse, permitting air to continue feeding the vacuum chamber during pulsation.

According to Conewango, this two-stage collapse allows for fast milking at very low vacuum levels, with almost no slip. The liner is twist-resistant with a scalloped skirt extension and locking wedges.

—From Conewango news release

Milking ClawMilking claw with 7/8-inch outlet
The H-Factor milking claw from BECO Dairy Automation Inc. has a patented 7/8-inch outlet that can accept either a 3/4-inch or 7/8-inch hose.

The company claims that the larger outlet increases the capacity to move milk from the cow to the milk line, resulting in greater vacuum stability, faster and more complete milkout, and improved udder health.  PD

—From BECO news release