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Oct 11, 2013 issue: New Products

Published on 16 October 2013

Patz Corp.’s SmartClean Scraper Systemsfor manure handling

Patz Corp. has added SmartClean Scraper Systems to its line of manure-handling equipment.

The IntelliChain Alley Scraper includes the new UL/cUL certified SmartSense MasterMind Control Panel, featuring the company’s innovative “learning system” that constantly adjusts to weather, bedding and manure changes.

Patz SmartClean Scraper system

The drive unit utilizes a planetary gearbox that is driven by a single ¾-horsepower electric motor.



Chain is available in a variety of lengths, including custom lengths for splice-free installation.


The IntelliCable Pro I, II and III alley scrapers feature the same control panel, which enhances the system’s sensitivity in detecting obstructions within the alley to make for a safer, more effective cleaning system.

Its energy-efficient drive system includes technology for precise scraper automation. Top-of-the-line safety features are built-in.

The IntelliShuttle box scraper includes the new UL/cUL certified SmartSense Expert Control Panel with a user-friendly touch screen and easy-to-understand pictorial icons.

Ideal for slurry manure with chopped straw, sawdust or sand-laden bedding, the scraper handles manure up to 140 metres from alley to reception pit.

The drive unit design includes technology for precise scraper automation. This unit design can be customized with up to five shuttle boxes per drive unit.

—From Patz Corp. news release

DeLaval introduces DelPro Farm Manager to Canada market
DeLaval introduces DelPro Farm Manager, a herd-management platform integrating all of the company’s milking, feeding and automation systems in one centralized system.

The system monitors, records and analyzes data with a high level of consistency and reliability, helping to simplify the day-to-day decision-making process on dairy farms.


Features include creation of automatic vet lists, herd and milking system summary reports, timed artificial insemination and feed ration calculations.

Herd managers can customize their working protocols within the software program. The flexible system works equally well with the company’s Voluntary Milking System and rotary, stanchion, parallel and herringbone parlours.

This means farmers can change, add or upgrade their milking equipment without having to change farm management software, thus retaining their existing herd database.

It can handle a large amount of data at fast processing speeds. Customers currently operating with Alpro software will be able to upgrade to the new system.

—From DeLaval news release

2014 Croplan varieties aim to improve rootworm resistance
Winfield Solutions LLC is bringing two high-performing Croplan seed varieties with Agrisure Duracade (AD) to the Canadian market to help growers guard against corn rootworm. The products will be available for planting in 2014.

The AD trait offers growers a new mode of action to protect roots from insect feeding, making it an ideal option for fields vulnerable to or currently plagued with corn rootworms.

Croplan 2280AS5222 offers exceptional performance in cool growing conditions with a crop heat unit (CHU) rating of 2525, according to the company.

This early flowering product has excellent northern movement and exceptional yield potential in environments with favourable moisture. Ears are consistent and girthy with some flex.

The 3080AS5222 variety has a 2800 CHU rating, giving it the flexibility needed for strong grain yields and quality silage in somewhat warmer growing conditions.

Again with a large, consistent and girthy ear, this variety performs best at medium to high populations with a fungicide application. This hybrid boasts good early emergence and early season growth.

—From Winfield Solutions news release

John Deere Compact Wheel LoaderJohn Deere adds two new models to its compact wheel-loader line
Designed specifically for lower-clearance applications, John Deere has come up with the 2.4-metres tall 204K and 304K compact wheel loaders.

Lower than the company’s other wheel loaders, the new models feature rigid front and rear axles to meet the 2.4-metre height while lowering the centre of gravity and increasing stability and the tipping load limit.

They can easily reach and work in areas with restricted access.

Both models come standard with an open operator station designed to withstand the elements, featuring weather-resistant gauges, extended rooftops, nonskid floor mats and optional vandal-proofing.

The cabs are comfortably equipped and offer unobstructed views of attachments and the surrounding work area.

Both boast an Interim Tier 4 diesel engine and a two-speed transmission with a top speed of 19 kilometers per hour. Articulated steering assists in turning ability and offers operators flexibility when picking up or positioning loads. An optional creeper control allows slow, incremental travel speeds while maintaining full hydraulic flow.

To help keep operating costs at a minimum, a traverse-mounted engine allows for convenient daily servicing. The electrical system minimizes the number of wires, mechanical relays and unsealed connections for maximum durability and uptime. In addition, the machines’ vertical filters and environmental drains are accessible at ground level.

Those that change attachments often will enjoy a push-button actuated skid-steer-style coupler, which can connect to numerous implements.  PD

—From John Deere news release