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BouMatic has introduced to the U.S. dairy industry its GlacierChill modular chiller, making it the newest addition to a long line of cooling and chiller products offered by the company.

Dennie Plomedahl, BouMatic brand manager, said, “The GlacierChill modular chiller is all BouMatic from the ground up. The unit was designed and is manufactured in Madison, Wisconsin, by engineers who understand what it takes to chill milk efficiently and consistently.

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Genex Cooperative, Inc., and DeLaval, Inc., have signed a joint marketing agreement.

Under the agreement, Genex representatives will assist in marketing DeLaval Activity Systems, which monitor cows’ activity helping dairy producers know when cows are ready to be inseminated.

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Fluid Dynamics, a world leader in the field of chemical-free scale prevention and removal, introduces the money-saving Scaletron to the dairy market. 

Proven in trials and supported by testimonials, the benefits of scale prevention include:

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BouMatic, a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality milking systems and dairy equipment, released a new SmartDairy Feeding Module for Out-of-Parlor and In-Parlor Feeding.

BouMatic’s New SmartDairy Feeding modules utilize the industry’s latest software and RFID technology to deliver a robust system that helps dairy producers feed their cows more easily and efficiently.

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The DeLaval LS-01 “low slip” liner is expanding to include three additional high performing liners designed to work with a variety of milking operations.

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Powerfoil X2.0, the newest industrial fan from the Big Ass Fan Company of Lexington, Kentucky, significantly increases the coverage area of the company’s popular Powerfoil X.

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