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Reimco Industries announces new pull-dozer models

Published on 07 August 2015

Reimco Industries, an Alberta manufacturer, has announced its latest models for the Supreme Pull-Dozer and Mini Pull-Dozer.

The Supreme Pull-Dozer and Grader is a very rugged and durable machine for stripping topsoil, road building with crowns, leveling building pads and leveling fields for irrigation. It is also very useful for leveling roadways and cut and fill areas. Options include fitting the pull-dozer with laser or GPS systems for blade control.



CEO Randy Reimer says, “We feel that this pull-dozer is one of the best on the market!”

The company is located outside Calgary, Alberta. “We are developing a large dealer network to handle our orders,” adds Reimer.

The company’s quick-attach system is compatible with most heavy-duty scraper hookups. The company also has a drawbar with a quick-attach mount that’s compatible with any power unit.

Maximum blade lift is 18 inches, and maximum dig is 20 inches. Maximum blade tilt is 12 degrees right and 12 degrees left. Maximum blade angle is 24 degrees right and 24 degrees left.

The company also announced its new Mini Pull-Dozer models.


The product a lighter duty pull-dozer that is maneuverable in smaller areas such as pens, alleyways, roads and yards. They are handy for scraping snow and leveling gravel pills. This machine is used in feedlots for scraping snow pack for faster drying pens in the spring.

Maximum blade lift is 13 inches, and maximum dig is 16 inches. Maximum blade tilt is 10 degrees right and 10 degrees left. Maximum blade angle is 25 degrees right and 25 degrees left.

For more information, visit the Reimco Industries website.  PD

—From Reimco Industries news release