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S+K Agro Solutions introduces the Calf Canopy

Published on 06 November 2014
the Calf Canopy

Innovative, adaptable, functional. S+K Agro Solutions has announced the launch of a new product: the Calf Canopy, a portable group housing system that does not require a building permit.

Each hutch is attached to a door rail system set up like a lever. The producer pulls the lever down to lift the hutch out of the bedding. The hutch is then pushed inside the canopy, allowing easy cleaning of the area where the hutches were sitting.



Skis can be attached, allowing the whole canopy to be moved by a tractor to a clean area. The canopy is a sheltered feed and pen area where calves can freely roam and eat without exposure to adverse weather.

The canopies come in customizable sizes, helping serve the needs of the producer, and can be used with existing hutches. See The Machining Center website for more information.  PD

—From S+K Agro Solutions news release

Photo provided by S+K Agro Solutions.