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  • 5 ways activity monitors pay for themselves

    Activity monitoring technology is beneficial to both you and your cows.

    Thinking about investing in an activity monitoring system? Real-time activity monitoring is not just for heat detection. It brings actionable insights to your fingertips to help you save on labor and resources. And, investing in technology that can save you money is a smart investment at any milk price. 

  • Automation in Dairy Manure Management

    Worldwide, the dairy industry has grown into a US$720 billion entity. Environmental concerns, sustainability issues, and increasingly stringent regulations have made manure management a top priority for dairy farmers, who can now turn to automation for solutions to these challenges. Nutrient recovery from manure not only reduces environmental impact but can also produce revenue through by-product sales and reduced water management expenditures. Designed, developed, and manufactured in BC, the Valid™ Nutrient Recovery System is an effective solution for manure management and nutrient recovery.

  • Brandner Dairy Puts OptiDuo™ Feed Refresher to Work

    Damon Brandner relies on DeLaval OptiDuo feed refresher to push up and remix feed at his farm’s heifer facility. Brandner Dairy has installed other brands of robotic feed pushers, but Damon says the DeLaval unit has been the most dependable.

  • DeLaval OptiDuo™ Robotic Feed Refresher Works Twice as Hard

    This worker bee never shows up late or calls in sick. It quietly does its job consistently and reliably, pushing up refreshed feed to cows and delivering an extremely short payback period to farmers.

  • DeLaval VMS™ V300: A new experience for cows and farmers

    For 135 years, DeLaval has nurtured a strong tradition of dairy innovation. Whether the aim has been to improve a physical process, such as harvesting milk, or ease a mental task, like a management decision, the goal has always been to help our customers do better.

  • Feed Mixer 0% Deal

    Trioliet has world’s largest range of TMR mixers. Buy one before July 31st and Trioliet offers a 0% interest for twelve months. This offer is valid for all Trioliet feed mixers, including self-propelled and stationary mixers. View mixers

  • Feed mixer Spring Deal Offer

    Are you looking for a feed mixer with sufficient capacity to feed your cattle a balanced ration every day? Buy a Trioliet TMR mixer before July 31st and Trioliet offers a 0% interest for twelve months. This offer is valid for all Trioliet feeding machines, including self-propelled and stationary mixers. Please ask your local dealer or regional Trioliet Sales Manager for more information. View mixers

  • Importance of a Manure Management Plan — How Valid’s Nutrient Recovery System helps manage manure

    In our previous article, we talked about proper manure management in dairy farms and how automation provides solutions to some of the challenges that come with managing a herd’s manure load. Now let’s talk about why an efficient manure management plan is so important and how Valid™ can help.

  • New DeLaval Video Series Focuses on the Fundamentals of Cow Longevity

    In recent years, dairy researchers have argued the social and economic benefits of a longer, healthier life for cows. Dairy producers, as well as consumers, are increasingly interested in understanding exactly how improvements to cow environments, health and decision-making tools can positively influence the lifetime productivity of cows.

  • New mobile application for veterinarians and producers takes the guesswork out of deworming cattle

    KIRKLAND, QC – April 30, 2019 What is the recommended dose of fenbendazole for an individual animal, based on its weight? How much fenbendazole will it take to treat a specific number of animals? Which Safe-Guard® or Panacur® formulation is the most appropriate and cost effective option in a particular instance?

    The answers to these and other questions are just a few clicks away with Merck Animal Health’s new Safe-Guard® mobile application.

  • Quickly find and help cows with ketosis

    Two ways activity monitoring can help find ketosis 

    If you own an activity monitoring system, you know the efficiencies you can gain on farm. Time, labor and decision making, to name a few. But, with any piece of technology, there are likely more uses and efficiencies to gain – ones that can help you maximize your return on investment. One area to advance efficiency in is ketosis detection.

  • Remote Support Drives Successful Startup at Hickory Hills Farms

    Building a new barn and incorporating robots is a challenging process when all of the experts involved in the project can be on site. It adds another layer of challenges when the experts aren’t able to travel to the farm, but with meticulous planning, teamwork and use of the right resources and technology, a startup can still be a great success.

  • Understanding endometritis and dairy reproduction


    Reproduction is one of the most important aspects to any dairy operation. However, many dairy farms struggle to hit their herd’s reproductive goals. Reproductive performance and farm economic efficiency are related to uterine health status. Studies show that there is a strong association with postpartum endometritis and reduction in reproductive performance.