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From estrus and heat detection to genomics and sexed semen, discover the latest information to improve reproductive performance.


In an increasingly competitive and complex industry, producers are looking for an edge.

Whether making nutritional decisions for herd management, conducting research to learn more about how genetics can improve traits such as milk production or managing more with less, today’s dairy producers are getting busier every day.

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It may be termed a changing of the guard at Quality Holsteins, but long-time herdsman Don Schwartz describes it “as a transition much more than an overthrow.”

Paul Ekstein, who began a Holstein herd as an offshoot of his forage seed business, is turning over leadership of Quality Farms to his son, Ari, and the most noticeable difference is the way genetics are marketed.

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With the enormous buzz about genomics, many questions surface about how a commercial dairyman should use this technology: How will genomics affect the industry? Should I use some, all or no genomic bulls?

However, now that a far more economical ($35-$45) genomic test is available to the industry, the question often asked is “Should I test my females?” Of course this question inspires a rather extensive list of other questions, so what awaits readers is a list of those most frequently asked over the past few months:

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