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Whether using a tie stall, freestall, dry lot or pasture, here are some tips for cow comfort and maintaining farm facilities and equipment.


There have been big changes at Holmdale Farms in the last several years, as fifth-generation farmer Todd Holm has gradually assumed day-to-day management, then ownership of the Bruce County, Ontario, dairy operation.

At first, Todd worked with his dad, George, then in 2000 he took over management, and purchased the operation in 2007.

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Is diesel fuel the same as it was 50 years ago? Do you receive the same quality of diesel fuel from one fueling station to the next? Is there a difference in some diesel fuels?

Historically speaking, diesel fuel was developed in the mid-1920s to meet the growing demands of the newly introduced diesel engines and vehicles.

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Grooming has considerable biological importance to cows. The most obvious importance is in reduction of the number of parasites and organisms on the cow’s coat.

However, there is more to grooming than just the obvious.

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Operating a loader, or any other type of machine, can be a dangerous activity if certain guidelines are not followed. A good understanding of working environments and machine capabilities is critical to safe operation.

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Rosser Farm Holsteins, named for the nearest village, is a leader in Manitoba’s dairy industry.

Brothers Henry and Tony Holtmann are third-generation dairy farmers in the operation established by their grandfather in 1929.

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How to effectively cool cows is an ongoing conversation. One option gaining interest is evaporative cooling with the use of cooling cells.

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