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Poor hoof care is exceptionally detrimental to robotic milking facilities. Due to their unique traffic flow and design, proper planning and thought is needed for incorporating a footbath or wash system.

“It is a different system. You’re not taking all of the animals as a group and moving them to the parlour,” Dan Schreiner, Lely North America Farm Management Support (FMS) adviser, says.

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One of the most common, and occasionally the most complicated, questions received by a veterinarian pertains to the use of vaccines in the control of diseases in livestock.

While some vaccines are excellent and provide a quick rise in immunity which persists for a substantial period of time, others may not be as effective at controlling the impact of disease within a herd.

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“What group does that cow go in?” This was a question posed to me a couple of years ago by a young man trying to re-organize a neglected dairy.

One of the first things that I suggested was to take the time to identify how to properly group your cows.

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It is common knowledge that hoof health and lameness in dairy cattle is a significant problem for the producer and the dairy industry in general.

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Functional claw trimming was devised by Toussaint Raven in the 1970s. The protocol for claw trimming was developed based on animals and housing systems at that time.

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In a 2011 article, “Foot rot in dairy cows,” I explained what foot rot is and briefly mentioned the different hoof problems that could be misdiagnosed as foot rot.

Lameness seems to be on the rise, and misdiagnosing a problem can often cause a lot of unnecessary grief and expense.

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