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A postmortem examination is a unique experience because it utilizes the full spectrum of all five senses in order to decipher a case.

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Run for farmers by farmers, Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is the national policy organization representing Canada’s farmers. DFC strives to create stable conditions for the Canadian dairy industry, today and in the future.

Over the last few years, our southern neighbours have had to deal with undercover videos on farms. Newer in Canada, this is nonetheless something farmers are noticing.

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Tell a dairy farmer there’s an easy way to increase milk production by nearly 450 kg over the first two lactations, and you’ve got their attention.

In a recent scientific paper, researchers using DHI data in the U.S. claimed just this. The authors hypothesized that milk production in first lactation is affected by the sex of the calf produced but also by the sex of the fetus gestated during that lactation.

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We in the dairy business at times seem to just go through the motions without thinking about the cost of our daily routine, good or bad. So let us consider a few areas in which our daily routine may be costing us big money.

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A new daughter-in-law asked, “How long do you have to be married before you get to be family?” This powerful question is part of Jolene Brown’s book Sometimes You Need More Than a 2 x 4! How-to tips to successfully grow a family business.

I had the privilege of working with a well-adjusted farm family who sought my facilitation skills as an outsider to help them get more clarity about the farm’s successor and everyone’s expectations for the future vision of the farm.

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Stephen Weststeyn, a third-generation dairy farm owner in northern California who milks 4,000 cows; Brenda Hastings, an Ohio farmer with 400 head; and Ryan Bright, a fifth-generation dairy farmer, would all likely say “to hashtag.”

They see the benefits of social media right now and believe it will become even more important in the near future. And they’re right.

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