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Effective communication between a dairy herd’s advisers can greatly enhance its performance. The herd veterinarian and nutritionist are usually both key individuals that have a vested interest in a dairy’s success, and making sure they are both working together as effective team members to evaluate current programs and set new goals is a mark of most successful dairies.

The interaction and relationship between the nutritionist and veterinarian can be challenging, as their areas of knowledge and expertise often overlap.

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It’s been a tough summer, and you are wondering if this is the last season for you working on the farm because you are tired of the chronic fighting.

No matter how hard you have worked at trying to get along and make things work, sometimes the conflict situation cannot be resolved. You need to move on, realizing that you can only control your own actions. To continue in the muck takes endless energy, and it is draining you.

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Have you ever found yourself captivated by the sales pitch of a late-night infomercial? As much as I’d like to believe their bold claims, I’m a realist. Sure, I’d love to get rich while working from home for just a couple of hours a day.

And who doesn’t want to chop, blend, mix and juice anything in mere seconds for just three easy payments of $30, and while losing 10 kilograms?

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In the last week, I have had three discussions about the future of professional development for farm owners and leaders. In each discussion, I have suggested that a part of their professional development in supervision, strategy and leadership should be outside of agriculture. Why would I make that suggestion?

The increasing interconnectedness of our global world, the increasing complexity of our dairy farm businesses and the increasing rate of change are transforming the attitudes and actions required to continue to thrive in an agricultural business.

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There is no doubt that robotic milking is a suitable solution for large dairies, as there are several examples of successful dairies working under different conditions around the world.

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A cooperative team effort is required to keep your herd healthy, producing to potential and profitable.

You, your staff, your nutritionist or feed adviser, other professionals and your veterinarian are all integral parts of your production team.

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