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Farmers love carrots, don’t you know? They dangle one for years in front of the next generation, so to keep the young folks guessing when they will become part-owners and have their dreams turn into reality.

“The proverbial carrot that Dad is holding out is really getting me down,” says the young dairy farmer.

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Many farm families are feeling a deep sense of guilt knowing they should be having business meetings, but they just don’t seem to get around to it. The key factor is understanding why you need to meet.

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Farming operations require the use of a number of tools. Some tools are used continually while others, though no less valuable, are held in reserve to be used on an as-needed basis. Over the years, there has been great progress made in the design and functionality of many valuable tools.

One area that has seen considerable progress is the use of electronics. Modern tractors utilize integrated computer systems with GPS technology which can allow the tractors to literally drive themselves. In recent years, there has been a paradigm shift towards smartphones and other handheld devices.

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What if the next Twitter star was not a person, but a bovine? Dairyman Chris Vandenberg and his tweeting bovines believe it’s completely possible.

Vandenberg of Brant in Ontario, Canada, has taken a more automated Twitter approach to provide a voice for his cows.

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"Some of my fresh cows are coming down with milk fever and they aren’t cleaning.”

“The last four fresh cows had DAs.”

“My calves all have the scours.”

“My milk components are too low.”

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It doesn’t matter how you explain it away, it just comes back as the most irritating thing about the business of hoof trimming. Whether the farmer decides to retire and sell out or the young man ran out of financial options and his path out of the dairy business is chosen for him by his banker, it still personally bothers me way too much.

However, if Dairyman Smith decides to switch to another younger, faster trimmer with a new chute – LOOK OUT! – I will be out to lunch (so to speak) for a week and a half. My mood will be less than positive (to say the least) and I will always be looking for something sweet to eat.

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