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There is no doubt in my mind that the vast majority of dairy farm owners care about and care for their animals. There is also no doubt, however, that society’s perception of appropriate animal-care practices has changed and continues to evolve.

It is also clear that the perceptions of consumers about the attributes of the dairy products and meat they purchase are changing.

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“Dear Panera Bread Company, you’ve lost a customer.”

Blogger and southern Wisconsin dairy farmer Carrie Mess – or Dairy Carrie, as she’s known to her online fans – describes herself as honest and frank.

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Many people who work with cows on a daily basis have a solid understanding of cow behaviour. Cows are fairly predictable.

What about the people you work with? Is their behaviour predictable? How do we influence co-workers to perform day-to-day activities in a way that continually improves such things as safety, cow health, production and profitability?

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Sometimes a short conversation lights a huge fire of controversy, and this article may create a few sparks, so please read carefully all the way to the end.

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Think back to all the stuff your parents tried teaching you when you were a kid. How did they get all those “lessons” to eventually sink in?

Here’s how it probably went: Your parents had chores they expected you to do. So they told you what to do. If you were smart, you did them.

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In his book, Leapfrogging, Soren Kaplan reminds us that “the human brain is wired to appreciate positive surprise.” He goes on to say that when we experience such a surprise, three things happen:

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