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For the last few years, agriculture has been discussing the terms animal welfare, animal rights, animal husbandry, animal handling and stockmanship.

They all have unique meanings and nuances to different audiences. Stockmanship is a term more common in the beef cattle industry and can be defined as the art and science of handling cattle, or any other farm animal, properly.

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What do you see when you look at a bale? Certainly, many would say it is a source of feed for our livestock. Others see a commodity that is sold to their customers.

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Lameness is a common on-farm reason for culling cows. About 20 to 30 percent of cows in a herd are expected to become lame in any given lactation.

A cow that is lame may not immediately show symptoms but eventually lies down longer, eats less and consequently produces less milk.

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Calf management has become increasingly important for many dairy producers, as scientific evidence suggests that the early stages of a heifer’s development can have long-lasting effects on her future production. As such, more attention has been given to adequate colostrum feeding soon after birth.

On many farms, it is not uncommon to supply calves with large quantities of milk or milk replacer, in some cases consuming 10 to 12 litres per day, which has shown to have positive effects on a heifer’s future milk production.

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Raising quality dairy replacement heifers is not an inexpensive or simplistic endeavor.

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