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I belong to ... Ayrshire Canada

Published on 02 April 2014

History of your dairy, in a nutshell: I was raised on a dairy farm in the Drummondville area in the province of Québec.

In 1984, after high school, I started to work full-time on the family farm with my father, Fernand. At that time, we were milking almost only Canadienne cows.



In 1988, I became partner in the farm with my father, and in 1998 I became the sole owner of the farm. When I sold the farm in 2003, the herd was mostly Ayrshire, and I also milked some Brown Swiss.

All my life, our family was very much involved in showing. For many years we were showing at five to six exhibitions on a regular basis. When I became owner of the farm, my father, my mother and my brother were going to the fairs. I was doing the work at home then.

Our herd had a lot of success over the years with grand and reserve champion cows, junior champions and reserve champions heifers and premier breeder and exhibitor banners.

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I’ve judged many Ayrshire, Canadienne and 4-H shows. I started in the 4-H competition in 1975 at the age of 8. During my active life as a farmer, I was very implicated locally and regionally in my local Ayrshire club, farmers syndicate, agricultural society and also for 12 years in my municipal town council.

If I wasn’t a dairyman, I would be… something that gives me the opportunity to meet and discuss with people, like being a representative or something close to that.

How long have you been a member of Ayrshire Canada? I have been a member of Ayrshire Canada since 1983. I joined the association after purchasing two Ayrshire cows.

Why did you join? For me, it is important to be a member to support the association, to get the latest information about the breed and also to be aware of all the activities within the breed.

A little-known fact about Ayrshire Canada is … Ayrshire Canada is well known globally for its leadership in genetics, and the Canadian Ayrshires are considered to be one of the best for their conformation.

Canada is renowned for its balanced breeding philosophy. Ayrshire Canada always tries to promote the Canadian Ayrshire as much as possible, in Canada and around the world.

The Ayrshire cow shows a lot of qualities: functional conformation, good production, very healthy cow and a cow that can adapt very well in any kind of managements.

An influential or interesting person I’ve met through Ayrshire Canada is … Linda Ness hired me in 2005. At that time she was the executive at Ayrshire Canada; she is the most influential person I’ve met in the association. She gave me great opportunities with the association, and I have to really thank her for that.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is … to feed consumers with high-quality products. In Canada, I think that the industry is really doing well with that. I am proud of the Canadian dairy producers for their great work.

I hope my dairy legacy is … I do not know if I will leave any legacy, but I hope that the people will remember me as an honest man with the desire to accomplish his work the best way I could. I try to do my best to serve the breeders quickly and professionally.

My advice to all dairymen/dairywomen is … do their work proudly with love and passion. They are very important people with a lot of responsibility and I fully trust them to do so.


I think it is also important that dairy producers keep themselves posted on all the new technologies and all the new tools that can help them to become more efficient and more competitive.  PD