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I belong to... Holstein Canada: Marlo Perreault

Published on 27 February 2015
marlo perreault

Age: 53

Location: Ferme Vieux Saule, Saint-Esprit, Québec



Your agricultural background, in a nutshell: We lost our Holstein herd in 1981 to tuberculosis. At that time, cattle were quite expensive, so we bought 30 to begin again. We currently have 170 head of purebred Holsteins, which includes 50 lactating cows.

We sell genomics worldwide; this includes bulls to A.I. centres and young animals with high genomic potential, as well as good show and production animals. In 2009, we became Master Breeders. Ferme Vieux Saule is currently owned by Lynda Perreault, myself and our son, Jimmy.

If I were not a dairyman … I would have liked to work in the field of justice, as a lawyer or as a judge.

How long have you been a member of this organization? I have been a member of the Holstein Association since 1984, but before me, my father was a member since 1972.

Why did you join this organization? At first it was to register our animals in the Herdbook; I then discovered all the other services of the association.


A little-known fact about this organization is ... Holstein Canada processes 1,100 registrations per working day. Mail has been reduced by 80 percent over a 10-year period due to members using technology.

What the organization does best is … It’s a tie; to me, Herdbook integrity is very important, and the most valuable tool is the classification system, which ensures that Canadian Holsteins are the most renowned around the world.

0315ca ibelong flagsI feel valued as a member when… At the beginning, I became a member to improve the profitability of my business. I never would have thought that by using Holstein Canada’s services I would be awarded the Master Breeder Shield. It is very rewarding, as a member, to receive praise for your efforts.

An influential or interesting person I have met through this organization is … Many people have helped me out in this organization – it would be difficult to only name one person. Being in contact with passionate members of this wonderful association is always rewarding.

They are influential or interesting because ... People who have influenced me the most have proven to be open-minded leaders, such as local members in their club, branch or at the national level.

The dairy industry’s greatest opportunity is … In the past, the dairy industry has always been committed to the quality of its product. In the future, it will be even more important to show consumers that we offer high-quality products. To do so, I believe that all industry partners must work together so that quality dairy products remain affordable.


I hope my dairy legacy is … Sharing with the next generation the fun and enthusiasm I have had. That’s what I’m trying to pass on to my family. Whether they choose to work in the Holstein industry or not, what they have learned on the farm will always be very valuable.

My advice to all dairymen/dairywomen is ... Keep working with passion in what I call the best job in the world. If you are a Holstein member, you know what I’m talking about. And if you’re not a member, I encourage you to reach out to our staff as there are many financial advantages to using our services.  PD

Holstein Canada
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P.O. Box 610
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Members: Founded in 1884, we currently have approximately 10,800 members.

Mission: To provide leadership through genetic improvement programs to enhance the profitability for all dairy producers.